Yango Deli Tech and Saudi Arabia's Nana collaborate to increase stock efficiency in the MENA e-grocery sector

  • April 14, 2023
Yango Deli Tech and Saudi Arabia's Nana collaborate to increase stock efficiency in the MENA e-grocery sector

The agreement to incorporate Yango Deli Tech's technology into Nana's present operations was signed by Nana, the top online grocery and commodity delivery platform in Saudi Arabia. By making the change, Yango Deli Tech, a multinational technology provider that offers specialized technologies and knowledge to merchants, including Nana, is establishing the groundwork for its development goals. The agreement will allow Nana to enhance stock economics, enhance customer satisfaction, and promote the company's development into other areas.

Sami Alhelwah, co-founder and CEO of Nana, stated: "To address stock inaccuracies and replenishment inefficiencies, two major pain points of the regional retail sector, we have partnered with Yango Deli Tech to provide our company with the technological and operational experience of other markets. This will support our vision and fuel our ambitious goals for further expansion and growth."

Innovative changes

The decision was made in response to a test study that was carried out at one of Nana's cloud shops earlier this year. The Yango Deli Tech team found that by installing a warehouse management system that provides virtually 100% stock accuracy, the delivery platform could reduce the average number of missing goods each day by 97 percent.

By introducing in-store routing, which involves assigning each stock-keeping unit to a certain shelf, a purpose-built dark store picker software also assisted in cutting the time required for order preparation by more than 35%.

"We are honored to partner with Nana to advance on a global mission of making high-tech e-grocery the reality of today and provide best-in-class user experience to consumers in Saudi Arabia and other markets in the Middle East," said Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Deli Tech. He continued by saying that they will strive to stay up with consumers' "rapidly changing tastes and simplify business processes for our clients. We will raise the bar for the sector as a whole collectively.

Technology solutions from Yango Deli Tech help improve the operational effectiveness of e-grocery firms. Solutions for delivery procedures, commerce, client experience, and analytics are all part of the company's software stack. Using assortment management solutions that have been validated across many marketplaces and AI algorithms trained on millions of orders

The number one online grocery delivery service in Saudi Arabia, Nana, is present in 18 cities and offers more than 22,000 goods. The portal provides two services: Nana Hyper for weekly and monthly needs and Nana Express for everyday shopping needs