Woodside Burger Shop Diversifies Product Range to Enhance Indian Grilling Experience.

  • Nov. 19, 2023
Woodside Burger Shop Diversifies Product Range to Enhance Indian Grilling Experience.

Woodside Burger Shop has unveiled the 'Grillmaster,' a revolutionary innovation set to transform the culinary scene in Mumbai. The Grillmaster, a pioneering grilling appliance, provides a distinctive experience for burger enthusiasts, enabling them to effortlessly grill their own burgers infused with Woodside's signature flavors. This introduction of a unique grilling kit aligns with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers, catering to those who relish outdoor activities, vacations, or embrace a beer and burger culture on their terraces without the hassle of gathering ingredients.

Sumit Gambhir, Founder of Woodside Burger Shop, expressed enthusiasm about introducing the Grillmaster to Mumbai customers. This innovative grilling technology underscores their commitment to delivering unmatched quality and taste in every bite. The Grillmaster aims to redefine the grilling experience, offering patrons an unforgettable culinary journey where they can grill their own burgers and enjoy them freshly flipped straight from the grill.


The Grillmaster's sleek design and innovative features make it a standout addition to Woodside Burger Shop's kitchen, reflecting the brand's dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. This grilling appliance introduces a fresh perspective to traditional grilling by utilizing built-in lava stone and bamboo coal, reaching temperatures exceeding 350°C. This ensures optimal grilling conditions for meat or vegetables without imparting undesirable smells or flavors from traditional lighter fluids or fossil fuels.


Notably, the Grillmaster boasts an eco-friendly design, allowing for natural disposal like firewood and leaves, leaving no waste in the environment. As Woodside Burger Shop pioneers this unique grilling experience, the Grillmaster sets the stage for a new era in the Indian retail grilling market, providing patrons with the opportunity to relish freshly grilled Woodside burgers in the comfort of their homes or outdoor spaces.


Pankil Shah, from Woodside Burger Shop, emphasized the Grillmaster's concept of allowing anyone to become a grilling expert. The kit provides everything needed, making it extremely easy and convenient for anyone to purchase the box and follow the steps outlined in the provided instruction manual.