Without Food Dubai Collaborates with the Most Powerful Food and Beverage Organization in the UAE

  • May 1, 2023
Without Food Dubai Collaborates with the Most Powerful Food and Beverage Organization in the UAE

Free From Food Dubai and the 4th edition of the Future Food Forum 2023. Free From Food Expo is Europe's leading innovation platform for the free from, organic, vegan, functional, and healthy ingredient food industries.

The FBMG, which has strong relations to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the most significant F&B group in the UAE. They are devoted to the growth of the food and beverage industry and offer a venue for industry networking, cooperation, and innovation. Some of the greatest brands in the global food and beverage industry are among its members, including General Mills, Kellogg's, Nestle, Danone, Spinney's, and Carrefour. Their thought-provoking conference, Future Food Forum, draws C-level executives from the F&B industry as well as regulators and government authorities. It offers an exclusive conference agenda with keynote addresses from international industry experts, CEO round tables, and government policymakers who share priceless market insights.

Free from, healthful, and useful ingredients and products ARE the Future of Food, as shown by global wellness trends. The Free From Food Dubai and Future Food Forum's guiding principles are in complete alignment with UAE government programs and nutrition plans to lower salt and trans fat intake, provide healthier snacks for kids, and enhance the overall health of the country.

Middle Eastern customers are ravenous for Free From & Healthy Products as a result of the rising interest in healthy lifestyles, the trend toward healthy eating, the rise in the prevalence of food intolerances such celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and lactose intolerance, as well as the increase in disposable money. The market for gluten-free food items in the GCC is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 9% between 2021 and 20251, with sugar-free, vegan/plant-based, protein-rich, and non-alcoholic beverages performing particularly well. 2 The GCC is a market rich with opportunities for international free from food and functional ingredient businesses, as indicated by the rise in gyms, fitness centers, and interest in "Better for you food."

A unifying force bringing together renowned international food manufacturers, distributors, and local key decision makers in the retail, food services, catering, wholesale, and all other "Free From" & Healthy Ingredient distribution channels will be Free From Food Dubai, hosted in partnership with the UAE FBMG's 4th edition of the Future Food Forum. This two-day, 100% B2B event will include a physical exposition of cutting-edge companies and products, a comprehensive, carefully selected matching program with a high number of guaranteed meetings for participants, and a conference program with keynote speakers from across the world in their respective fields. Professionals will get vital market knowledge and instruction from presentations on free-from, vegan/plant-based, natural/organic, functional/healthy ingredient, zero-waste, sustainable manufacturing techniques, and product attributes.

With effective matching services planned by Global Management Dubai, a meeting professional and seasoned organizer for the Saudi Export Development Authority and the Saudi Pavilion at Gulf Food, attendees and exhibitors will be able to make the most of their time. Previous visitors to the Free From Food events in Barcelona in 2019 and Amsterdam in 2021 said that the event's special matchmaking was one of their favorites, with 97% of attendees forming new business relationships and 95% anticipating purchases after the event.3

90% of the UAE's food needs are imported, thus international businesses may be sure that local partners will be amenable to doing business with them. Free From Food Dubai 2023 will be the leading occasion in the Middle East's free-from and healthy-food markets thanks to an innovative exposition, comprehensive networking and matching methods, and UAE FBMG's thought-leading CEO conference, Future Food Forum.