With the Help of Rabih Adel Hanna, Hospital Meals May Become a Five-Star Experienc

  • June 5, 2023
With the Help of Rabih Adel Hanna, Hospital Meals May Become a Five-Star Experienc

In addition to serving as the head executive chef at Andalusia Medical Services, Rabih Adel Hanna is a very organized and meticulous F&B manager. He describes how he is turning hospital cuisine into a five-star dining experience in this passage.

What information about your professional background do you have?

In addition to being accredited by the World Chefs Association, I hold a diploma in hotel management. I've honed my talents working with famous chefs to have a solid grasp of hospitality and culinary methods.

Years of managing numerous divisions in hotels and restaurants have given me great leadership skills. In 2018. I changed my attention to hospitals. I presently work as the regional hospitality F&B manager for a chain of hospitals in Saudi Arabia, where my duties include developing manuals, rules, and procedures to create comprehensive, distinctive five-star experiences.

What difficulties do you encounter as the head of a prominent healthcare and wellness provider's kitchen?

The biggest difficulties I encounter are obtaining fresh, seasonal, local, and organic products as well as providing patients, employees, and visitors with sustainable cuisine. Concerns about menu planning, food waste, employee training, and portioning are also raised. Making people aware that eating is an essential component of the healing process is still the biggest problem.

How do you cook meals that are both scrumptious and healthy?

You don't have to stop enjoying your favorite foods to eat healthfully. You can make long-lasting, healthful improvements to your diet with a few simple modifications and some forward preparation. To make straightforward, nutrient-dense meals, we must comprehend the components and use our expertise to combine it with a chef's touch and deft plating for the best results.

Are there any intriguing initiatives you have planned?

In the center of Jeddah, we'll soon open a genuine Lebanese restaurant that captures the true flavor of Lebanon.