Why Restaurateurs in the Middle East should be Aware of Northern Ireland's Award-Winning, Pure, Natural Food

  • Feb. 7, 2023
Why Restaurateurs in the Middle East should be Aware of Northern Ireland's Award-Winning, Pure, Natural Food

The food industry in the Middle East has never been more interesting. Restaurants compete to create innovative and comprehensive menus that reflect the changing interests of diners. As a result of the entrance of Gault&Millau and the Michelin Guide to the area, customers are able to enjoy an innovative dining experience with high-quality cuisines that include fresh, nutritious ingredients.

The need for clean ingredients and the desire to know the origin of food are at the core of this shift.

Fresh ingredients are also vital to Northern Ireland's food and beverage industry. It is the biggest producer in the area, with several award-winning items exported to over 70 countries and contributing £5.4 billion to the economy.

Supporting the needs of large retailers is Northern Ireland's prosperous countryside, which provides high-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art processing facilities, and a world-class food security record.

The food and drink industry in Northern Ireland has expanded and evolved from family farms and fishing companies to award-winning, innovative makers of unique products that are committed to traceability and enthusiastic about quality.

Rooney Fish, a family-owned company founded in Kilkeel, County Down, in 1975, specializes in capturing, preparing, and processing the freshest seafood from the seas around Northern Ireland. They manually capture crab, langoustines, whelks, and other seafood using ancient techniques. Irish Sea-harvested oysters are supplied by Rooney Fish to restaurants throughout the GCC in search of a flavor of the sea.

Safety and accountability

Northern Ireland's food and beverage sector is not simply characterized by its rich heritage. The sector has some of the most modern technologies to enable safe, traceable supply chains for the hotel industry in the Middle East. The ecosystem for food technology is tightly interconnected with prominent academic institutions, facilitating strong cooperation between universities and companies.

Through cloud computing, Foods Connected, a Northern Ireland-based technology firm, enables food companies to have vital supervision of food supply chains, assuring constant quality and business continuity.

The industry continues to prioritize the incorporation of innovation of the highest caliber. One focus has been on improving food production traceability. Not only do diners want their food to be great, but they also want to know that it was obtained responsibly and securely. Northern Ireland gives restaurants and the hospitality industry with knowledge and confidence on the origins of their cuisine, enabling them to prepare and deliver great meals.

Greenfields Ireland is a wonderful example of a dairy firm in Northern Ireland that has put the highest standards at the center of its operations. They have a location in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as well as in Dubai. In order to stay competitive, they combine global market knowledge and strong regional relationships with stringent quality assurance and worldwide logistical experience. This ensures that their consumers continuously get the most cost-effective and high-quality items, delivered when and when they choose.

The organization has implemented a variety of methods and tests to guarantee that its goods adhere to the most stringent Quality Assurance requirements. Receiving the Approved Economic Operator (AEO) certificate in 2019, Greenfields guarantees its clients that it plays a secure role in the worldwide supply chain.

Northern Ireland's dairy products continue to be a major export, and dairy companies continue to provide the region's hotel, restaurant, and catering (HoReCa) industry with a variety of dairy products. From bulk cheese products and cooking creams to specialty cheeses served in high-end restaurants, Northern Ireland provides an astounding variety of dairy products to the area.

Northern Ireland provides regional eateries with much more than dairy products. Crust & Crumb, for instance, supplies the area with both flat breads and pizza bases, therefore contributing to the creation of pizzas that people like. From basic materials such as oils, vinegars, and cooking sauces used by chefs to create exquisite flavors, to some of the best organic salmon, Northern Ireland farmers provide the hospitality industry with a vast array of products.