Visit their new branch to see the revitalized and new branch of Kishmish

  • July 25, 2023
Visit their new branch to see the revitalized and new branch of Kishmish

Experience the return of the upscale Afghan restaurant Kishmish, a local favorite, in their brand-new location in the center of Mirdif, Dubai. Those who enter Kishmish are in for an amazing culinary experience, as each dish guides diners through the tapestry of Afghanistan's diverse cuisine, where aromas come to life and narratives are revealed via food.

Iman Nazemi, a creative female head chef at Kishmish, is the restaurant's owner and manager. Her intuitive cooking produces hearty dishes that capture the spirit of Afghan home cooking. Kishmish provides everything from delectable appetizers, salads, and soups to stews, dumplings, and grilled specialities, along with a full kids menu, and promises to enthrall food fans with mouthwatering flavors.You may enjoy mouthwatering cuisine at Kishmish, including the legendary Kabuli Palou with slow-cooked lamb, as well as crowd favorites like the protein-packed mashawa and slow-cooked dopiyaza. Try the delectable rice pudding, a sweet delight that has captured the hearts of GCC citizens, to finish your dinner on a sweet note.

While Kishmish proudly presents a wonderful voyage of flavors, their committed ice cream craftsman from the tumultuous streets of Kabul provides an unmatched idea of in-house made ice cream from Afghanistan to the center of Mirdif. Every stage of the procedure, from the production of the milk to the fascinating hand-churning and pleasant presentation, guarantees an unmatched ice cream experience.Iman's strong ties to her Afghan culture serve as inspiration for Kishmish's unique inventions, which are evident in the brand's sumptuous tastes and endearing Afghan customs. The company's ideology, which is at the heart of Kishmish's distinctive products, is a testament to the strength of healthy food.

While COVID-19 presented significant difficulties for many companies, Kishmish has come out on top, with a number of openings planned and Chef and Founder Iman seizing the helm of the restaurant industry as a solopreneur. Iman wants to motivate other women in the food and beverage industry who may not have formal culinary training but who are still able to realize their ambition of owning a successful restaurant. Come down and check out the newest Kishmish location as it begins a new phase of expansion at Dubai's Mirdif Avenue Mall.