Victoria Arduino unveils latest addition to its coffee machine lineup - the Eagle Tempo

  • Feb. 16, 2023
Victoria Arduino unveils latest addition to its coffee machine lineup - the Eagle Tempo

Victoria Arduino, a leading coffee machine manufacturer, has introduced the new Eagle Tempo espresso machine, combining the company’s distinctive design with high productivity.

Aimed at cafés, restaurants, roasteries, chains, pastry shops, and bakeries, the machine incorporates technology to help businesses manage high output while reducing energy consumption and waste.

A simple interface enables users to prepare milk-based and plant-based drinks consistently. The touchscreen display allows for temperature customisation of each group, and features five pre-programmed buttons for fast production thanks to the autopurge and easycream technologies.

The automatic cleaning of the group after detaching the portafilter makes for quicker preparation of drink preparation and guarantees cleanliness.

The Eagle Tempo features Victoria Arduino’s New Engine Optimisation (NEO) technology, which provides temperature stability and consistency through its instant heating system and boiler insulation.

The nine-litre capacity steam boiler ensures high productivity of milk-based beverages, and the N.E.O. motor offers up to 29 per cent energy savings compared to the previous model, the VA358 White Eagle. The Thermal Energy Recovering System of the N.E.O. motor also helps recover heat of outgoing water to preheat incoming water, saving an additional 8 per cent.

The Eagle Tempo, was created from a restyling of the iconic VA358 White Eagle. It includes backlit soft-touch buttons, a redesigned drip tray to simplify cleaning, and a longer steam wand to provide versatility for larger jugs.

The Eagle Tempo is available in four colour options: matte black, matte white, steel, and a special heritage version in steel with brass details.