Unox Unveils Next-Generation Combi Ovens in the Region

  • Dec. 28, 2023
Unox Unveils Next-Generation Combi Ovens in the Region

UNOX has unveiled its latest combi ovens, the CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X, marking a significant advancement in performance and user-machine interaction in the culinary world. Launched in November 2023, these innovative ovens were presented at the Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition, allowing visitors to experience the new technology, meet UNOX corporate chefs, and sample dishes prepared on-site.

Matt Roberts, Managing Director of UNOX MENA, emphasized the extensive effort put into perfecting these ovens, involving a diverse team of 50 professionals over three years. Drawing inspiration from the functionality of smartphones, the new Digital.ID OS offers a fast, intuitive, and customizable interface with hyper-connectivity functions enriched by AI, providing chefs with a versatile and seamless experience.

UNOX's latest releases cater to different culinary needs with the CHEFTOP-X tailored for gastronomy applications and the BAKERTOP-X designed for bakeries and pastry shops. Both ovens actively seek feedback after each cooking cycle to continuously improve and align their performance with chefs' evolving expectations. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, including HEY. Unox for voice operation and the new OPTIC Cooking accessory for automatic program initiation based on visual recognition, these ovens have earned the SMART. Label 2023 accolade.

Environmental sustainability is a key focus for UNOX, with both ovens ENERGY STAR certified. SMART. Energy, a smart feature, actively reduces and optimizes energy consumption and CO2 emissions, even when the oven is running empty. The ovens offer personalized suggestions to users on cooking more sustainably and warn if the door has been left open for an extended period. Enhanced insulation technology minimizes heat loss, making the CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X highly efficient kitchen equipment.

With these new combi ovens, UNOX has set new standards, revolutionizing the cooking experience and fostering efficiency in the interaction between chefs and their equipment. These ovens represent the epitome of smart kitchen products, designed to simplify and elevate the overall culinary experience.