Uganda organic coffee blend to launch in the UAE

  • July 22, 2022
Uganda organic coffee blend to launch in the UAE

The AMAHA awe UGANDA coffee blend was introduced by Nespresso UAE so that UAE coffee enthusiasts may indulge in a rich new blend while also supporting the resurgence of the Ugandan coffee industry and bringing back the high-quality coffee that Uganda was once famous for.

The AMAHA awe UGANDA is a rich, clean espresso with a wild flavor that Nespresso created as part of its Reviving Origins Program in an effort to revitalize Uganda’s failing coffee culture while also showing the actual quality potential of natural Arabica.

A peculiar sandalwood and graceful floral notes are produced by an intensity 8 espresso grown in a special terroir where nutrients and shade given by banana trees form a real Arabica dreamland. The biscuit and subtle fruity flavors come to life in a well-balanced and sweet cup when served as a Latte Macchiato.

With the help of the Reviving Origins initiative, each cup of Nespresso coffee from Uganda helps to reestablish sustainable lives for the country’s coffee producers and their communities. While also preserving the future of some of the world’s best and most distinctive coffees, coffee lovers may indulge in this superb Ugandan coffee mix.

The Rwenzori Mountains, which span 120 km across western Uganda, have historically offered perfect conditions for coffee cultivation due to their altitude and fertile soils. While above 1200 meters in the peaks of the hills, leafy banana trees provide abundant shade and nutrients, creating a true Arabica dreamland where one of the finest coffees in the world grows, the snow-capped peaks and glaciers of the “mountains of the moon” provide steady water sources, complement abundant rainfall, and nourish fertile soils.

Despite these ideal conditions, coffee production in the area had been on the decline for some time. Older trees and poor cultivation, combined with drought and climate change, were key contributors to bad harvests, which in turn led to decreased quality and yields.

The goal of the initiative is to transform naturally unwashed Arabica, often known as DRUGAR (Dried Uganda Arabica), which has historically been the lowest-quality coffee, into a high-quality and more lucrative coffee. Nespresso hopes to expand output while simultaneously enhancing social and economic wellbeing by collaborating directly with farmers in the area and reviving the full qualitative potential of natural Arabica.

Nespresso is investing AED 37.1 million (CHF 10 million) as part of the Reviving Origins initiative over a five-year period through 2023 to revitalize the coffee industry in a few countries, including Uganda, with the purpose of promoting rural economic development. Nespresso agronomists have trained more than 2,000 farmers in the area in 2019 in sustainable agricultural techniques, enhancing their knowledge and skill set while enabling them to improve the quality of their coffee. This training was done in conjunction with Agri Evolve, a new entrepreneur committed to increasing farmer productivity.