TUTTOFOOD Provides Sneak Glimpses of Innovative Cuisine and Tradition with an Eye Towards Conscious Consumption.

  • April 1, 2023
TUTTOFOOD Provides Sneak Glimpses of Innovative Cuisine and Tradition with an Eye Towards Conscious Consumption.

The biannual TUTTOFOOD event is approaching: here are some of the impending scenarios and trends in the food and beverage industry that will invigorate the 2023 edition of the event, which will be rich with opportunities for agricultural and food companies from around the globe.

The aftermath of the inflationary pressures of 2022, which are also influencing the start of this year, will inevitably drag on consumers' finances, but trends do not appear to support the adage "if you earn less, you eat less." In many nations, including some advanced economies, the number of consumers who must control their spending will increase, despite the fact that in many food-sensitive markets, such as Italy, quality will not be compromised. According to Istat data, the Made in Italy agricultural and food industry is thriving: it is worth more than 540 billion euro and accounts for approximately 25% of the Italian GDP. But that does not mean there is no room for innovation: just a few weeks ago, the first hamburger made with cricket flour was a triumph in Milan.

The future of leading producers is ecological and sustainable

From niche products to sustainable seafood to "green" preserved produce. More than ever, innovation must be sustainable in order to be considered genuine. Manufacturers are well aware of this fact: today, not only large multinational corporations but also small and medium-sized businesses comprehend and implement corporate social responsibility principles. Beginning with some of the companies whose products will be on display at TUTTOFOOD. For fresh pasta, the trend is to emphasise the integrity of mono-ingredient fillings for a "clean" flavor, with basic materials processed on the same day and no preservatives or lactose. (…)

Sustainability and food wastage reduction: TUTTOFOOD's role

The issue of "no waste" has a direct impact on production realities and consumers, and data collected by TUTTOFOOD following a meeting with FAO Deputy Director-General Maurizio Martina reveals an alarming reality: food waste could currently sustain more than 1.26 billion people per year. In fact, enough food is produced to feed the entire planet, but there is a need for improved management of natural resources to be implemented through major integration work, i.e. strengthening cooperation among supply chain stakeholders (manufacturers, suppliers, and distribution) to optimise production and supply planning, particularly in light of the 2030 Agenda. It is important to keep in mind that when food is discarded, the resources used to produce it are also lost.

TUTTOFOOD is an international and innovative forum for the complete food and beverage industry, bringing together food&beverage and retail elite every two years at fieramilano.