Traditional Italian Coffee House Musetti enters the GCC market with 25hours hotel one central in Dubai being its first UAE customer

  • Feb. 16, 2022
Traditional Italian Coffee House Musetti enters the GCC market with 25hours hotel one central in Dubai being its first UAE customer

Caffé Musetti, a traditional Italian coffee brand with a history of more than 88 years, has entered the GCC market, expanding its reach to over 60 countries on five continents. The Musetti coffee roastery was founded in Piacenca, Italy in 1934 and has become one of the most renowned traditional Italian roasters.

Musetti’s proposition hits the sweet-spot for the Hotels, Restaurants & Catering (HORECA) industry in terms of size and flexibility – due to its boutique-size, the family-owned business has remained flexible to cater to special customer requests, while offering the needed production capacity to supply sufficient quantities for large hospitality operations.

Customized blend debuts in 25hours Hotel One Central

Caffé Musetti’s tailored blend for premium hospitality clients, Musetti VERDE, had its debut in Dubai with the recent opening of 25hours Hotel One Central.

Musetti VERDE is a 75% Arabica, 25% Robusta blend, which is full-bodied, smooth, and well balanced, featuring a taste of caramel with malty hints. It is a very aromatic creation incorporating numerous light fragrances and has a pleasant finish without any bitter note. Musetti VERDE is served in Tandoor Tina, Monkey Bar and room service of 25hours Hotel One Central.

“At 25hours Hotels, we pride ourselves with being authentic and different in everything we do, therefore we are excited to offer Musetti coffee as one of our differentiators in the hospitality space, as Musetti is an Italian brand you can’t enjoy at every corner”, said Kristian Georgiev, F&B

Operations Manager at 25hours Hotel One Central.

The time-honoured partnership between the hotel group and Caffé Musetti is actively lead by Musetti’s country subsidiary in Austria, which is supporting 25hours Hotels across Europe and beyond in a key account role. The introduction of the hotel group’s brand to the UAE has triggered Musetti Austria to expand their regional responsibility to serve customers across the region by establishing a distributing organization for the GCC region.

Innovative in-room solution made in Dubai

Offering hotel guests a freshly brewed cup of coffee in rooms instead of the usual instant coffee sachets was the aim when the Musetti team in Dubai explored new ways of preparing and enjoying people’s favorite hot beverage. The solution is an innovative single-serve drip coffee product that allows guests to make fresh pour-over coffee at the convenience of their own hotel room.

The production partner in Dubai grinds, packs, and seals each drip coffee pouch of 10g Musetti coffee on a custom automated assembly line.

“With the innovative drip-coffee pouches we aim to liberate hotel guests from the dreadful experience of drinking instant coffee in rooms. We are glad that with 25hours Hotels in Dubai we

have a partner who thinks alike and who aims to put high-quality coffee to guests at every touchpoint. Together we are offering a coffee experience for hotel rooms which is convenient and delivers rich aromas from opening the packet to the freshly brewed cup”, says Andreas Krenn, Barista and Regional Distributor of Caffé Musetti.

Caffé Musetti offers a distinguished range of signature and premium coffee blends suitable for the full spectrum of HORECA clients. Signature blends include Musetti 100 Absolute, a special selection of 100% Arabica beans, and Musetti Gold Cuvee, a composition of the finest coffees from Kenya, Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia and India, initially created for Caffé Musetti’s 80th anniversary and still served at the finest F&B establishments worldwide.

“In the UAE and the GCC, Musetti is a new player, and we are keen to offer our delicious blends to hotels, restaurants and cafés and create customised ones for high-volume hospitality customers in the region. We have created our unique blends over time to satisfy the many tastes and needs”, Krenn adds.

Musetti offers a wide portfolio of coffee products, including ground and whole beans, capsules for various types of machine systems as well as hot chocolate drinks. It will also introduce its drip coffee pouches in the GCC.

Musetti obtained several certifications over the years, including Fairtrade and Halal Global certificates, which testify the consciousness of their business.