TopGum’s All-Natural, Sugar-Free Functional Gummies Are Now Certified Organic.

  • Aug. 8, 2022
TopGum’s All-Natural, Sugar-Free Functional Gummies Are Now Certified Organic.

TopGum Industries Ltd., a prominent maker of beneficial gummies, has been designated by the USDA as an organic gummy manufacturer. The new symbol affirms the company’s dedication to sourcing, processing, and producing certified organic, non-GMO goods that adhere to the stringent requirements of the USDA’s National Organic Program.

TopGum’s VP of Product, Doron Delouya, notes, “Obtaining official organic certification is a time-consuming and intricate procedure that represents a significant milestone for us.” “Consumers are becoming more aware of the health benefits, component source, and environmental impact of the foods and supplements they eat on a global scale. Top Gum, through continual, cutting-edge research, has created a recipe that allows dietary supplement businesses to provide functional gummies that fulfil all organic criteria and, most significantly, still have strong taste appeal and excellent organoleptic qualities.”

The firm imports only certified organic raw materials of the highest quality, and then adheres to strict internal standard operating standards, including cleaning and sanitation measures. Delouya notes, “We have utilised our own technology to synthesise an uncompromised organic gummy matrix and a cutting-edge computerised system for traceability throughout the whole manufacturing chain, from raw ingredients to final product.”

TopGum’s functional gummies have a unique delivery mechanism that enables the incorporation of high-value nutraceuticals, such as botanical extracts and vitamins and minerals in concentrated doses, and are sugar-free. The company’s product line also includes its unique sugar-free Gummiceuticals, whose recipe is based on naturally sweet prebiotic fibres.

“Consumers are actively pursuing gummy vitamins as opposed to pills and tablets, and organic gummies are the next development in premium supplements,” says Amichai Bar Nir, chief executive officer of TopGum. “There is also an increasing trend among underdeveloped nations to use natural gummy vitamins. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly over the last several years to produce a sugar-free, clean label, healthier gummy without sacrificing the customer experience.

Prior to expanding to Europe and the rest of the globe, the business will debut its organic gummies to its profitable US consumer base. TopGum develops private-label gummy supplements for companies seeking novel and more appealing packaging for their nutraceutical components. Bar Nir adds, “We have already gotten orders from numerous dietary supplement businesses for unique organic botanical gummies. Among them are several notable names.”

Bar-Nir says, “Since our introduction into the realm of functional gummies, we have continuously sought inventive methods to improve our services.” “By combining our 20 years of expertise in developing delectable gummies, we have elevated the supplement industry to new heights. Our newly-acquired organic accreditation essentially opens a brand-new market and expands the company’s global product offering.”