• April 18, 2022

Let us now discuss the top digital marketing trends of FMCG:

User-centric content marketing

As mentioned earlier gone are the days when products are marketed on mass channels. With the advent of digital marketing, the strategies have changed drastically. Using user-centric and SEO-friendly content is important because it drives leads to the brand website and builds strong communities.  SEO content also helps consumers find brands when they search for a related need, offering these companies credibility in that domain as well as effectively promoting their products and establishing authority.

 A digital presence through social media platforms

social media analytics can assist fmcg manufacturers to widen their audience and attain them thru marketing campaign ads. every social media platform addresses one-of-a-kind desires and draws one-of-a-kind goal audiences. while instagram appeals to the youth, facebook is rather powerful for advertising to all age groups. pinterest is a top-notch platform for visible content material and informative campaigns, while youtube is top-notch for strolling long-shape visible content material.

  • Video content marketing to help brands stand out

FMCG brands ought to note that video content promotion plays an excellent role in driving all types of shoppers and helps in valuing existing customers. These will be shared as YouTube or Facebook video ads, which are very economical and efficient targeting options. Video content marketing for FMCG brands is additionally implausibly useful from an SEO perspective, as they create up to over half of all web traffic.

4. Increase consumer base through influencer marketing

 Influencer marketing allows FMCG brands to increase their awareness and reach. Influencer marketing is also beneficial for FMCG brands to quickly build trust and authority, as consumers are much more likely to believe in brands’ credibility when their favorite influencer recommends them.

  • Sell products on your e-commerce site

Not many FMCG brands have e-commerce stores on their websites. To this day, they rely on traditional marketing strategies to increase their offline sales rather than selling their products directly online. As digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts, FMCG brands need to sell products directly through their e-commerce site as many consumers today prefer to shop online.

Digital marketing has ushered in a paradigm shift in FMCG marketing in India. Gone are the days of sending people a common message, instead marketing has become personalized and customer-centric. The marketing process today involves a lot of interaction with customers. , and therefore they need to keep themselves happy and interested all the time.