To Bring The Vegan Casein Revolution to Europe, Fooditive Is Looking For New Partners

  • July 8, 2023
To Bring The Vegan Casein Revolution to Europe, Fooditive Is Looking For New Partners

Fooditive has successfully shown the viability of production at an industrial scale and is looking for potential partners to assist in bringing its non-animal casein to the European market.

Fooditive's vegan casein is made from a unique bacterial strain employing precision fermentation; it is genetically similar to dairy casein but devoid of any animal products and better for the environment. It makes it possible to create dairy alternatives that are nutritional, sustainable, and that taste and feel much like the real thing.

With the completion of the manufacturing trials, Fooditive is prepared to start producing vegan casein in larger quantities to offer clients in Europe. Prior to this, the EU must first approve Fooditive as a Novel Food. To help with this process, Fooditive is looking to partner with an equally motivated party.

"As our trials come to a successful conclusion, Fooditive stands on the verge of scaling up production of our vegan casein to meet the needs of our European clientele," stated Moayad Abushokhedim, CEO and Founder of Fooditive. However, our goals go beyond only producing. At Fooditive, we have a strong belief in the market effect that partnerships can have and their ability to revolutionize industries. We are actively looking for a partner that shares our dedication to sustainability and innovation since we urgently need to get Novel Food clearance in the EU before moving further.

He stated, "On this path, we are strengthening our conviction in collaborative development and shared achievement, in addition to managing regulatory requirements. Fooditive is not only optimistic but also excited to set out on this trip with a like-minded companion, to open up new doors, and to jointly reinvent the vegan casein industry.

2019 saw the start of the non-animal casein project at Fooditive. Originally synthesized from yeast, it is currently produced using a special bacterial strain that Fooditive created using gene synthesis. With no sacrifice to flavor or quality, this provides a variety of benefits including increased scalability, efficiency, cost optimization, and safety. The change is an important step in Fooditive's mission to increase consumer access to nutritious food and places the business at the forefront of developments in sustainable food technology.