The Grand Success of World of Coffee Dubai 2023

  • Jan. 14, 2023
The Grand Success of World of Coffee Dubai 2023

On its final day, Friday, January 13, 2023, the World of Coffee Dubai 2023 exhibition, organized by DXB LIVE, the integrated event management and experiential agency of the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association, attracted a significant number of visitors. In its second iteration, the exhibition was a tremendous success due to the significant number of international visitors, experts, and specialists, as well as the involvement of thousands of coffee workers in its many activities and events.

On the last day of the event, the exhibition suites presented outstanding activities and events, while the baristas in the Roasters Village prepared fantastic coffee beverages for the attendees. The remarkable performances of 'Neighborhood Roastery,' 'CoffeeTrading,' 'Kona House Coffee,' 'Koraput Coffee,' and 'Cazador Specialty Coffee Roastery' at the Brew Bar booth stunned onlookers. With the involvement of JNP Coffee, mokha 'Kirchanchi,' and 'Ororo Experience,' guests to the Cupping Room exhibit saw and learnt how to create many foreign coffee varieties.

On the third day of the exhibition, the winners of the "UAE National Barista Championship" were revealed. The best coffee experts from the UAE battled for the title and the chance to represent their nation in the annual "World Barista Championship." Mariam Erin Pinza of Cosmic Garden Coffee Roastery was awarded first place, Kemal Risyad of Archers Coffee was awarded second place, and Nooran AlBanny of Coffee Architecture was awarded third place. In addition, "Latte Art Factory" received the award for Best New Product, while "The Espresso Lab" received the award for Coffee Design.

Two panel talks preceded the ceremony: the first included Carlos Gonzalez, Rancilio Group Coffee Competence Manager, and the second featured the creators of Colombian Exotic Coffee, San Diego Londono and Shaharam Masumi. The presenters discussed the most recent ways for producing coffee drinks and strategies for achieving greatness in the sector. After these conversations, the leaders, contributors, and sponsors were recognized. The final rounds of the competition for "Best New Product" were also conducted on the closing day.

CEO of Coffee Desk Saud Al Nuaimi said, "We are thrilled to participate in the second edition of World of Coffee Dubai 2023, a top international event that attracts traders and investors from all over the world. Our participation provided a perfect chance to showcase our company and expand its presence in the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Gulf area. The Polish Coffee Disk is one of the major providers of coffee equipment in Europe. Among its partners are the most well-known brands in Europe, America, and Japan. As part of our regional launch, the first showroom in Dubai's Al Quoz neighborhood opened for business. In addition to the 14 roaster products we feature on our site, which includes six roasters from the United Arab Emirates and eight from Europe, we experienced an overwhelming amount of visitors who swarmed to our platform to inspect our coffee equipment. In addition, the expo provides several prospects for collaboration and enhancing our relationship. At the conclusion of the first day, we inked partnership agreements to provide equipment to two Saudi firms and one UAE company. We expect additional possibilities to communicate with prospective consumers, so enhancing our prospects of development and success."

While Anas Al Madani, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Index Holding, said, "We acquired enormous possibilities to advertise our goods and build our company during World of Coffee Dubai 2023. We have been able to build new ties with a number of coffee shops in order to deliver high-quality coffee and promote the goods of DXBlends, a market leader in the UAE's specialty coffee business. As part of our participation in the expo, we also exhibited the new Italian roasting IMF, which is recognized as one of the most innovative and ecologically friendly roasting devices because to its low energy consumption and emissions. In comparison to the previous edition, the success of the exhibition this year was remarkable due to the vast number of local, regional, and worldwide attendees, enterprises, and brands. We are certain that future occurrences will result in more expansion and prosperity."

Mira Fouany, marketing manager at Roastery station, highlighted her delight in attending the show for the first time and obtaining the chance to network with international tourists and businesses. She said, "Numerous professionals and specialists visited the Roastery Station platform to show their appreciation for our breadth of knowledge and unique abilities in coffee roasting and processing. We are ecstatic to be participating in the UAE National Barista Championship, which provides us with an incredible opportunity to showcase our skills and inventiveness."

Highlights of the third day of the show were a series of talks and workshops on the most current developments in the industry and the techniques used in the coffee manufacturing and preparation sectors. Anatoli Korostelov, Head of Quality at iFest, Q-Grader, delivered a session titled "The Future of Experimental Coffee in Kenya." Felix Schmid, Director of Helfezi AG, and Yves gave a presentation entitled "Grinding Technology." A session titled "Setting up a Lab: The Importance of a Q Program and New CQI Training Courses" was also conducted under the supervision of Patrick O'Malley, IBCA, USA, and UAE.

The second edition of the "World of Coffee Dubai 2023" exhibition, a groundbreaking worldwide event, brought together coffee workers, merchants, manufacturers, distributors, small and medium-sized businesses, cafe owners, roasters, hoteliers, coffee enthusiasts, tasters, and baristas from all over the world. A large number of local, regional, and international coffee firms and brands exhibited at the event, which attracted tens of thousands of attendees.