The GEA Batch2Flow Invention has been Awarded the Industry Excellence Award

  • Dec. 23, 2022
The GEA Batch2Flow Invention has been Awarded the Industry Excellence Award

The rising worldwide emphasis on decreasing food waste and improving the efficiency of the food supply chain compels food businesses to seek out improved manufacturing techniques. GEA's technology professionals built the award-winning system Batch2Flow, which delivers such advancements to food makers.

Batch2Flow, an automation system for food processing, earned the Industry Excellence Award for Best Food Processing Innovation at the most recent Gulfood Manufacturing expo in Dubai. Gulfood is the most prominent food processing show in the area, encompassing every facet of the industry.

Producing formed goods on high-capacity lines needs complete process control to consistently fulfill food quality criteria. Large volumes imply that a great deal is at risk. Consequently, quality control is also essential for the bottom line; discrepancies in the initial mixture will need modifications later on. Too much fluctuation in the mix may have a detrimental impact on yield, leading to undesirable poorer product quality (b-grades), decreased line productivity, or even waste. With the automation solution Batch2Flow, the recipe's exact specifications are continually maintained so that the remainder of the line's necessary parameters may be optimally satisfied.

It begins with combining the components in a regulated and conditioned atmosphere; next, this revolutionary approach effortlessly transports the mixture from the mixers to the former through a conveyor system. The mixers' synchronized unloading allows for controlled portion distribution onto the conveyor, while ensuring that the mix always has the correct temperature and viscosity for the subsequent forming stage. There is no requirement for cart storage or physical handling. As nothing is taken from the line, energy-intensive cold storage facilities are rendered obsolete, food waste is prevented, cleaning expenses are drastically reduced, and complete traceability is achieved.

Bart Leenders, GEA's Product Expert, said, "We concentrate on the application and what matters to our customers and, eventually, the consumer." Batch2Flow optimizes production, increases quality, and lowers labor from preparation through formation. Continuous in-line processing guarantees high-quality, consistent meat, poultry, and vegetable mixtures for manufactured goods. We're thrilled that Gulfood has acknowledged our process breakthrough for food production with an award."

The Batch2Flow technology is a process that is not only efficient, energy-efficient, and sanitary, but there are also cost savings involved. Energy savings result in a lower expenditure at the plant, the elimination of manual handling reduces labor expenses, and decreased food waste increases yields. In addition, the performance of the whole manufacturing process is determined on maintaining the mixture's quality. It is a straightforward approach with far-reaching advantages for plant managers and customers alike