The First Collection Waterfront: A Remarkable Start and Continued Success in Dubai

  • Jan. 22, 2024
The First Collection Waterfront: A Remarkable Start and Continued Success in Dubai

The First Collection Waterfront, The First Group's newest luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Business Bay, proudly announces its remarkable achievements since its grand opening in November 2023. Going beyond projected revenues and attaining an impressive 80% occupancy rate, the hotel has quickly become a sought-after destination for urban and contemporary getaways.

Since its inauguration on November 11th, The First Collection Waterfront has warmly welcomed over 18,600 guests, representing a diverse array of nationalities, with top visitors originating from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, France, and the UK. The hotel has garnered significant acclaim on various travel platforms, securing a prominent position in TripAdvisor's Top 100 among 979 hotels and boasting an impressive 8.8 rating on

With 327 thoughtfully designed guest rooms and suites, The First Collection Waterfront caters to a range of preferences. The hotel offers a rooftop pool bar for moments of relaxation, unparalleled wellness facilities including a scenic outdoor pool, a fully equipped fitness center, and a serene spa – ensuring a rejuvenating experience for guests. Additionally, by providing transportation to the Soluna Beach Club on Palm Jumeirah, the hotel adds an extra layer of inclusivity to the guest experience, highlighting its commitment to excellence and receiving overwhelmingly positive responses during its inaugural month.

As the new year unfolds, The First Collection Waterfront aims to exceed its Q4 2023 occupancy rates, which averaged 80% over November and December. Anticipating a prosperous first quarter, the hotel expects a diversified nationality mix, especially with the Gulf Food Exhibition, welcoming guests from KSA, UK, Italy, USA, France, and other GCC countries.

The First Collection Waterfront has undeniably raised the bar for comfort and hospitality in Dubai, and its exceptional response in the initial months is a testament to its unwavering dedication to greatness.