The Art of Sake: Dos and Don'ts for the Best Selection

  • March 27, 2024
The Art of Sake: Dos and Don'ts for the Best Selection

Unlocking the Secrets of Sake Selection with Ram Khadka

Ram Khadka, Head Sommelier at TakaHisa Japanese Restaurant, shares insights on navigating the intricate world of sake. Discover the do’s and don’ts for the best sake experience, along with expert tips and recommendations.

Ram's Journey into Sake

With 15 years in the F&B industry, Ram Khadka's passion for wine and sake has grown exponentially. In an interview, he unveils the complexities and allure of sake, from its rich history to its nuanced flavors and cultural significance.

The Best Sake Selection: Dos and Don'ts

Ram emphasizes the importance of holding sake cups with respect, pouring for others first, and savoring each sip slowly to appreciate its depth. He shares key features to look for in good sake, such as a high polishing ratio (Seimai-buai) and a balanced flavor profile.

TakaHisa's Special Sake Collection

Explore TakaHisa's exclusive sake collection, including ultra-premium brands like 'Juyondai' and 'La Isojima Junmai Daiginjo.' Ram highlights the unique characteristics of each sake, offering guests a diverse range of flavors to experience.

Sake Pairing Suggestions

Ram provides expert pairing suggestions based on TakaHisa's menu, recommending sakes that complement dishes like white fish sashimi, Nigiri sushi platters, and Kobe beef specialties. Discover the harmonious marriage of sake and cuisine at TakaHisa.

Sake for Beginners

For newcomers to sake, Ram recommends starting with approachable styles like Junmai Daiginjo and Junmai Ginjo. He encourages exploration and discovery, guiding beginners on a flavorful journey through different sake styles.

Embrace the Art of Sake Selection

Join Ram Khadka and embark on a sensory journey through the world of sake. Learn the art of sake etiquette, discover hidden gems in TakaHisa's sake collection, and elevate your dining experience with expertly paired sake selections. Cheers to the art of sake!


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