The Agriculture and Food Supply Discuss The Industry’s Future at Tuttofood 2023

  • May 9, 2023
The Agriculture and Food Supply Discuss The Industry’s Future at Tuttofood 2023

A record year for the agriculture and food sector, with Italian exports expanding by +17% from 2021 to 2022 and reaching a value of more than 61 billion euros.

All international professionals are focused on Milan in this situation of increased anticipation for future developments because TUTTOFOOD 2023, Italy's benchmark event for excellence and sustainable innovation throughout the supply chain, began today and runs through Thursday, May 11 at fieramilano. A unique period for exchanging information, solutions, and best practices as well as for balancing supply and demand.

With the participation of Italian and international experts and institutions, including the FAO, which has signed a special partnership with TUTTOFOOD 2023, the inaugural conference, Innovation and Sustainability for the Food and Hospitality Industry, will already provide an opportunity to preview trends and address future food & beverage challenges.

Almost 2,500 brands from 46 countries and international buyers

There are over 2,500 brands there, 20% of which are international labels from 46 different countries. Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Romania, and Germany are among the nations with the greatest representation.  There will be debut exhibitors from Saudi Arabia, the Faroe Islands, South Africa, and Sweden.

It's also interesting to see groups from both home and abroad. Italians from the regions of Abruzzo, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Liguria, and Marche are present, each one representing a different entity. Foreign organizations range from those that specialize in a particular industry, like Spain, Ireland, or Norway, to those that focus on national specialties, like those from China, South Korea, Ecuador, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Hungary, or the USA.

Finally, there are up to 24 consortia for the preservation of typical Italian goods, such as Gorgonzola, Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pasta di Gragnano, and Tuscan Prosciutto, to mention a few.

With the assistance of ICE Agency, Fiera Milano chose 800 high-profile buyers from 86 countries, 29% of whom were from Europe, including Italy, 32% from the Americas, 18% from Asia and the CIS, 18% from the Middle East and Africa, and 3% from Oceania. The United States and Canada, the United Arab Emirates, China, Australia, India, and France all have the largest delegations enrolled. The Kroger (USA), 7Eleven, Bravo Supermarket (Azerbaijan), Carrefour, Citysuper (Hong Kong), Eataly USA, Emirates Flight Catering, Picard, Rewe, and The Kroger (international) are just a few of the well-known businesses that are represented. Hundreds of buyers from all around the world who are actively present join the group of chosen purchasers.

The Green Trail, a transversal pathway with a distinct visual identity and dedicated signage that is new to the exhibition setup, will assist visitors in discovering green, plant-based, zero-waste, as well as healthy, rich-in, and free-from products throughout the entire event and at the booths of all exhibitors, facilitating healthier, sustainable, and ethical food choices. Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands are the nations with the highest levels of activity in these markets.

A turning point for business and knowledge

Thanks to the idea that brings together leading brands and top companies in 7 halls that highlight the supply chain affinities of the vertical sectors in the three macro areas of fresh, dry, frozen, and seafood, TUTTOFOOD is now recognized both in Italy and abroad as the landmark for professionals in the industry.

More than 150 events, including TUTTOFOOD-organized meetings and visits with exhibitors. One of the latter is Retail Plaza, a framework that matches businesses with industry specialists to study trends in contemporary retailing. The part of the event devoted to innovation, both in technology and its social and economic implications, such as the innovative format Confessions at the Table, is called Evolution Plaza. Finally, the Better Future Award is back for a second year in association with Gdoweek and MarkUP.

The TUTTOGOOD initiative against food waste, which enables foods that can still be used to be salvaged at the end of the event dates to be given to people in need through free canteens and food banks, is also being proposed once more with a view to sustainability and responsibility.