Tanmiah Food Company is now one of Saudi Arabia's Top ESG Companies

  • July 25, 2023
Tanmiah Food Company is now one of Saudi Arabia's Top ESG Companies

Tanmiah Food Company is happy to announce that it has won several important awards in recognition of its excellence in sustainability and innovation. Tanmiah Food Company is a recognized industry leader in the supply of chicken and other meat products in Saudi Arabia. These honors include Forbes' Top 10 Innovative Companies in Sustainability and 2023's Product of the Year.

Tanmiah's CEO, Zulfiqar Hamadani, stated: "We are thrilled to receive these honors, which are a tribute to our workers' devotion and hard work. We have made a commitment to offering top-notch Halal food items that satisfy the demands and preferences of our customers while promoting a sustainable future for our planet by supporting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 activities to accomplish sustainability goals. We look forward to keeping up our efforts to innovate, improve our business practices, and uphold our dedication to becoming the best in our field while supporting the Quality of Life program of Vision 2030.”

Tanmiah's Oxo-Biodegradable packaging earned the company the prestigious Product of the Year 2023 award in the Fresh Chicken Eco-Friendly category, highlighting the Company's dedication to excellence in product development and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, consumers have picked Tanmiah's products as the finest for exhibiting innovation and excellence in their products.Tanmiah has been named one of the top 10 Saudi Arabian businesses by Forbes for their dedication to sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship in the provision of basic necessities. This accomplishment supports Tanmiah's dedication to promoting environmental sustainability by using a circular economy paradigm to boost manufacturing effectiveness.

Tanmiah Food Company is honored to be named as one of the top businesses in Saudi Arabia for ESG practices, according to Ahmed Osilan, Executive Board Member and Managing Director of Tanmiah. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation is in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 efforts as well as our 2030 plan. We boost manufacturing efficiency to produce "Made in Saudi Arabia" products and positively influence our community via our dedication to excellence through our circular economy concept and environmental stewardship commitment.With more than 60 years of operation, Tanmiah has developed into one of the most reputable food manufacturers in the area. These honors demonstrate the Company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability and establish it as a gold standard for the sector.