Taiyo Announces New Products for Sunfiber, Sunphenon, and Vegemeat at FiE 2022, Exhibit 4.D82.

  • Nov. 11, 2022
Taiyo Announces New Products for Sunfiber, Sunphenon, and Vegemeat at FiE 2022, Exhibit 4.D82.

Special Sunfiber variations are among the most recent additions to Taiyo's product portfolio. They are appropriate for use as prebiotic dietary fiber enrichment in infant food, pet food, and bakery and candy goods. In addition, the specialist on natural-based functional ingredients offers health-promoting green tea catechins from the Sunphenon® line and demonstrates how Vegemeat may be used to create a protein-rich meat substitute based on grained pea protein and with an ideal nutritional profile.

Sunfiber is a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber derived from guar bean that encourages the activity and growth of helpful probiotics in the digestive system. Sunfiber® VB may be used in infant food, whereas Sunfiber® AF may be used in pet food. Sunfiber® does not produce painful bloating, cramps, or other digestive discomfort due to its gradual fermentation. All types of Sunfiber® reduce the glycemic index of foods, which aids with blood sugar regulation. In addition, prebiotic dietary fiber promotes the health and function of the digestive system and improves general health. Sunfiber® VC is distinguished by its low viscosity, which is ideal for technical applications. The functional component makes baked items crispier and fluffier and may be used in fruit gummies. Sunfiber® VC also dissolves well in liquids such as milk-based drinks and syrup- and shot-form supplements.

The Sunphenon® series of green tea catechins are unique compounds. Their health-promoting qualities vary based on the kind of catechin: Sunphenon XLB may be used in oral hygiene and disinfection solutions to make viral penetration more difficult. Sunphenon® EC is a myostatin-blocking agent that may promote muscle development. It may also have positive benefits on diabetes and obesity in significant dosages. The Sunphenon® EGC version is an amylase and glucosidase inhibitor that may promote health in type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Vegemeat is a 100% natural and allergen-free meat substitute made from peas. It is perfect for vegetarian bolognese and lasagna due to its genuine texture resembling that of ground meat. It includes glucomannan, vitamin B12, and bioavailable iron from Taiyo's SunActive® Iron, which are nutrients not present in meat or other meat substitutes. Vegemeat is offered in seven varieties that are geared to a broad range of consumer groups and nutritional needs. Vegemeat's high protein level of 78g per 100g significantly surpasses that of soy, but its fat content of just 0.3g per 100g is very low. Vegemeat is comprised of just four components — pea protein, strawberry juice concentrate, salt, and glucomannan — and has no natural taste.

Dr. Stefan Siebrecht, managing director of Taiyo's German business, explains, "Consumers are increasingly inquiring about a product's contents and seeking natural, plant-based alternatives with additional health advantages." Therefore, Taiyo offers unique ideas and products to help the industry achieve these needs.

At Fi Europe, Taiyo will be represented by a team of specialists who will be available to answer technical questions about individual items from its ever-expanding array of ingredients.