Sunsol Unveils Vibrant Rebrand and New Flavors for Granola and Muesli Range

  • Dec. 13, 2023
Sunsol Unveils Vibrant Rebrand and New Flavors for Granola and Muesli Range

In a bold move to enhance its presence in the breakfast aisle, Sunsol, the well-established muesli brand, has undergone a vibrant rebranding initiative, accompanied by a delightful expansion of its granola and muesli range. This strategic evolution not only introduces a fresh and dynamic packaging design but also heralds the arrival of novel flavors and blends, aiming to captivate consumers with a bowl of optimism and the warmth of the Aussie sun.

The rebranding comes in response to customer feedback, acknowledging a desire for packaging that harmonizes with the Sunsol name—a brand that evokes the essence of sunny mornings and Australian beach vibes. The revamped look is vibrant, colorful, and crafted to create a seamless connection between the brand and the sensory experience it promises.

As part of this revitalization, Sunsol presents an enticing array of muesli blends that include Almond, Cashew, Macadamia & Walnut, and Blueberry, Goji Berry, Coconut & Chia. Complementing these are the tempting Toasted Muesli Blends, with standouts like Almond, Honey & Dark Chocolate. Expanding its product line, Sunsol introduces four irresistible granolas, featuring flavors like Almond, Pink Lady Apple & Cinnamon, High Protein Choc Almond, and High Protein Honey Nut.

What sets Sunsol's offerings apart is their commitment to quality. All mueslis and granolas are preservative-free, devoid of artificial colors or flavors, and accommodate both vegan and vegetarian preferences. The launch into Coles Supermarkets is accompanied by a competitive pricing strategy, with an RRP of $7.50 for mueslis and granolas and $8 for the High Protein Granolas.

Chris Diver, Managing Director of Good Food Partners, the maker of Sunsol, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, "We’re excited to launch these delicious new granolas and moreish muesli blends into Coles and offer a great tasting, ‘better for you’ breakfast to power your morning with sun-kissed ingredients and protein."

Sunsol's revitalized offerings aim to redefine the breakfast experience, providing not just sustenance but a flavorful journey that aligns with the brand's core values of health, quality, and a touch of Aussie sunshine.