SIG releases new filling equipment for F&B producers in the UAE.

  • Nov. 10, 2023
SIG releases new filling equipment for F&B producers in the UAE.

Modern filling machines have been introduced for F&B leaders and startups in the United Arab Emirates by SIG, a renowned manufacturer of aseptic packaging systems and solutions.

With their high-speed performance, volume flexibility, and Drinksplus capability, the SIG SmileSmall 24 Aseptic and SIG CleanPouch 25 Aseptic filling machines—which are currently available at SIG's Technology Centre at Dubai Silicon Oasis—offer F&B innovators a range of advantages and opportunities for product testing and innovation.

With cutting-edge technologies, such as the SIG Accelerator, a turnkey solution that expedites the introduction of novel ideas to the market and provides support for both current clients and F&B start-ups seeking to launch the next big hit, the centre opens up new avenues for the F&B sector.

Every SIG SmileSmall 24 aseptic filling machine has the ability to fill four distinct volumes—180, 200, 220, and 250 milliliters—and can process 24,000 SIG SmileSmall carton packs per hour. Squeezable portion pouches for convenient use on the go and concentration pouches for refilling rigid containers are only two of the many uses for the flexible spouted pouches.

Abdelghany Eladib, President & General Manager IMEA at SIG, commented on these recent advancements, saying: "We are excited to introduce these state-of-the-art filling machines, which represent a significant achievement for food and beverage producers in the area.  With a wider selection of packaging alternatives, F&B leaders and startups can now use our Technology Centre at Dubai Silicon Oasis for testing and innovation.

The company's Innovation Hub, a multipurpose space intended to promote innovation and quality throughout the region, including SIG's Technology Centre in Dubai. The SIG Reliability Centre, which combines cutting-edge technology with the company's industry knowledge to handle major F&B difficulties, is also housed at the Hub. It offers a wide range of digital technologies. The Innovation Hub also includes an Innovation Customer Centre, which acts as a platform for assisting and mentoring clients through workshops and accelerators to promote new product ideas, with the ultimate goal of testing them at the Technology Centre.

With its focus on innovation, design, recipe formulation, packaging, piloting, and promotion, the Technology Centre opens up new avenues of opportunity for the food and beverage sector. This integrated strategy highlights SIG's dedication to cutting-edge technology, client assistance, and innovative solutions.

"Our Technology Centre is intended to support aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to start their F&B firms as well as established F&B leaders in the area. Modern extrusion, a cutting-edge quality assessment system, sophisticated testing tools, and upcoming digital technology capabilities enable it to develop and validate new goods and packaging—which satisfy customers' growing demand for sustainability—faster. Abdelghany continued.

SIG has extended its packaging application to a broader range of product categories, including dairy, plant-based goods, juices, beverage concentrates, liquid food, and non-food areas, as a result of its wider packaging portfolio.

We are excited to celebrate our 170th anniversary this month with an event in our Innovation Hub at SIG's IMEA Headquarters. Customers and prospective customers will get a unique tour of our newly renovated Innovation Hub during the event, taking them on a trip through the past, present, and future of SIG. By utilising filling machine technology to its fullest, we hope to enable our customers to grow their businesses," Abdelghany stated.