Science-backed innovation for nutrition in early life unveiled by Nestlé

  • Nov. 2, 2023
Science-backed innovation for nutrition in early life unveiled by Nestlé

In order to promote age-appropriate newborn development, Nestlé has introduced Sinergity, a blend that combines a probiotic with six human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).

Nestlé has been studying the makeup of different nutrients and bioactives, like proteins and HMOs, that are found in breastmilk for a long time.

The company has reported that in addition to the direct benefits already offered by the HMOs and the probiotic separately, a particular strain (B. infantis LMG11588) has the capacity to efficiently absorb and metabolize HMOs, producing key beneficial compounds.

According to Nestlé, these components work together to produce a "synergistic effect" that leads to bifidobacteria dominance, which can improve an infant's gut environment and boost their immunity.

Nestlé has created the new Sinergity proprietary blend, which combines a blend of HMOs with a probiotic strain tailored specifically for infants, by building on its experience.

The new blend products have different levels of six different HMOs to meet the age-specific needs of infants, as research indicates that the composition of HMOs in breastmilk changes during the lactation period.

"We are absolutely committed to engaging in groundbreaking research and are working with healthcare professionals to contribute to optimal nutrition in early childhood through clinically tested solutions that provide the essential nutrients for babies who cannot be breastfed exclusively or who are only partially breastfed," stated Laurent Alsteens, Nestlé's global head of early childhood nutrition. By developing ingredient blends that support age-appropriate growth, digestive health, bone, muscle, and cognitive development, as well as the immune system, we can contribute to the advancement of ground-breaking nutritional solutions for infant.

"Thanks to our continuous scientific advancements, we have discovered the important benefits of combining our proprietary B. infantis probiotic with a blend of six HMOs," said Isabelle Bureau-Franz, head of Nestlé's nutrition research and development. We created this ground-breaking solution by carefully adjusting the levels of six HMOs based on age, scaling up the production of the probiotic, and effectively translating the new scientific findings. We did this by utilizing our innovation expertise.

The new blend has made its debut in Hong Kong. It is anticipated that it will roll out in Europe early next year, and in Latin America by year's end.

The news comes after Nestlé announced earlier this week that it would close its co-located R&D center and infant formula facility in County Limerick, Ireland, citing "external trends" as the reason for the decline in demand for infant nutrition products in Greater China. This week, the company also launched its first "affordable and nutritious" instant powder in Central and West Africa. It contains vital nutrients like protein and fiber, as well as iron and calcium, and is made from locally sourced soy and milk.