Savoring Culinary Brilliance: French Butter Takes Center Stage in Jeddah's Exclusive Affair

  • Jan. 2, 2024
Savoring Culinary Brilliance: French Butter Takes Center Stage in Jeddah's Exclusive Affair

Indulging in a gastronomic affair, the European Union and the French Dairy Board orchestrated a lavish dinner at Jeddah's newly unveiled CWTCH restaurant. The focal point of the evening? The culinary luminary, French butter. With a curated guest list featuring 50 distinguished food influencers and chefs from the city, the event aimed to showcase the versatility of French butter and its transformative impact on diverse dishes.

Dubbed the "Brighter with Butter" extravaganza, the attendees embarked on a sensory journey, discovering the nuanced ways in which French butter elevates flavors. From incorporating flavored butter into appetizers and entrees to infusing it into desserts, each dish emerged from the kitchen bathed in the golden glow of buttery perfection.

Renowned Chef Norbert Szabo emphasized the significance of choosing top-tier ingredients in culinary creations, stating, "I place great importance on the quality and consistency of ingredients. That’s why I choose to use French butter in my cooking." For Chef Szabo, the origin of an ingredient holds paramount importance, and French butter, crafted to the highest standards, aligns seamlessly with his culinary philosophy.

The gastronomic journey unfolded with a delightful prelude featuring two variations of flavored butter – 'Caramelized Onions' and 'Croissant,' paired with freshly baked bread. The menu continued to dazzle with seared scallops adorned with a Lemon beurre blanc sauce, complemented by a brown butter risotto. The pièce de résistance featured a succulent beef steak elevated by Café de Paris butter and asparagus, concluding with an enchanting finale – an apple Tarte Tatin infused with a salted caramel butter sauce.

Marie-Laure Martin, International Communications Director of CNIEL, expressed the purpose behind the event, stating, “We wanted to highlight the versatility of French butter, as it can enhance any dish with its flavor, color, and texture.” Beyond the realm of professional kitchens, the event aimed to inspire home cooks to integrate the same delightful flavors into their culinary repertoire, making French butter a staple in every kitchen.