Revolutionizing Bakery Practices with an Eco-Friendly Approach to Bag Sealing

  • Dec. 11, 2023
Revolutionizing Bakery Practices with an Eco-Friendly Approach to Bag Sealing

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer preferences and environmental consciousness, We Seal, a pioneering UK-based company, has been at the forefront of transforming bakery packaging since the 1980s. The company introduced a game-changing, metal-free bag closure that has become the go-to choice for over 95% of UK bakeries, including industry giants such as Hovis, Warburtons, and Allied Bakeries.

We Seal's innovation focused on creating a resealable, thermal print-compatible, safe-to-swallow, and fully recyclable bag closure. This sustainable alternative disrupted traditional methods that often involved rigid plastic tags, metal twist ties, and clip bands. The shift towards eco-friendly solutions aligns seamlessly with the contemporary consumer's demand for sustainability in every aspect of their lives.

Recognizing the efficacy of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) bags in preserving product freshness, We Seal further advanced its commitment to sustainability. The company developed a polypropylene sealing solution that not only maintained freshness but also facilitated easy recycling along with the host bag. This strategic design choice not only addressed environmental concerns but also mitigated safety risks associated with sharp edges and potential choking hazards.

Beyond sustainability, We Seal's closures offer modern bakeries a practical solution for quality control and traceability. The closures provide ample space for crucial information such as "use-by" dates and batch codes. Additionally, there's room for branding elements like logos, web addresses, QR codes, or marketing messages. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for consumers to search for essential information on the packaging.

One of We Seal's core values lies in sustainability and its role in reducing food waste. The company's unique approach has resulted in bag closures that utilize up to 80% less raw material compared to traditional methods while still ensuring a secure, resealable closure that extends product freshness.

With an annual production exceeding 4 billion closures, We Seal has positioned itself as an industry leader. The company's sealing machines are deployed on six continents, supplying some of the most respected bakeries globally. Recent expansions into markets such as Dubai and Jordan underscore the growing international demand for We Seal's innovative, eco-friendly sealing solution.

As consumers continue to prioritize sustainability, We Seal's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while delivering practical and efficient packaging solutions marks a significant step towards a more eco-conscious future in the bakery industry. The company's success story showcases the potential for small innovations to have a substantial impact on entire industries, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable approach to packaging.