Revolutionary Sustainable Packaging For Fruits and Vegetables

  • Jan. 13, 2023
Revolutionary Sustainable Packaging For Fruits and Vegetables

Over more than 250 square meters of exhibition area, MULTIVAC will display sustainable packaging options for a broad variety of fresh items. The firm anticipates a strong level of interest from attendees, especially in regards to the MULTIVAC PaperBoard line and the company's other packaging innovations, which offer a high degree of material efficiency and recyclability while extending the shelf life of food goods.

The trade show displays will comprise the T 305 tray-sealer as well as a whole line, the centerpiece of which is the high-output TX 710 tray-sealer. The tiny T 305 is a perfect entry-level model for fully automated tray packing, as well as for businesses that need to pack smaller quantities. The TX 710, on the other hand, is intended for large-scale production, and its unique machine technology, complete sensor system, intelligent controls, and high level of process dependability are rather amazing. This traysealer is the gold standard for pack quality and consistently high cycle production. The fact that the cellulose tray is biodegradable helps to the sustainability of the packing solution. A BASELINE L 301 series labeler is also included into the line. This cost-effective labeling technology attaches changeable data labels, such as an expiration date, to the top of the trays. The integration of the labeller controls allows the automation of several activities, such as the loading of a print pattern or the labeller's parameter settings. This information may be kept directly in the TX tray sealer's product recipes. The L 301 is consequently managed effectively and dependably through the traysealer's control terminal.

The flexible L 310 Top Wrap conveyor belt labeller, which can be seen at Fruit Logistica as a stand-alone model for chosen items such as tomatoes and berries, demonstrates how MULTIVAC is adapting to the emerging trend of recyclable paper and cardboard packaging. Not only are these packs increasingly replacing the earlier plastic trays, but also the cardboard sleeves, which may be recyclable but are very material-intensive. If fruit or vegetables are not packaged in modified environment or in an airtight vacuum pack, the trays may be readily sealed and labeled with an appealing label. The version of the labeller that will be shown in Berlin permits the production of two kinds of packs: Top Wrap, in which the label is applied to the top and both sides, and Top Close, in which the label is placed to the top of the pack alone. Self-adhesive labels are very adaptable in terms of material thickness and form, allowing for a broad variety of product display options. It is feasible, for instance, to include cutouts in the label as well as adhesive-free zones to avoid product contact. This conveyor belt labeler's automated and highly efficient labeling, quick batch change, and, last but not least, its appealing packaging and branding idea, which is always warmly appreciated by customers, are among its most essential features.

MULTIVAC is displaying its I 410 visual inspection system, a high-output, integrated solution for quality control with its own transport conveyor, for those trade show attendees who like to play it safe when it comes to highly automated operations. The packs are either transported from a transport unit upstream or manually fed in. Alternatively, the packs may be evacuated using an electric motor, eliminating the need for pressurized air. The technique is an excellent choice, for instance when packaging leaf salads and inspecting the seal seam for contamination. The I 410 may be put at the end of a traysealer and labeling system for label and print inspection.

MULTIVAC will demonstrate the R 245 in operation as an example of thermoformed packaging for fresh fruit. The R 245 is a thermoforming packaging machine with an extensive variety of equipment choices and the ability to generate complicated pack forms at a fast rate of speed.

Christian Zimmermann (Project Manager, Market Intelligence & Applications) will conclude MULTIVAC's attendance at the trade show with a talk on the Tech Stage from 13:45 to 14:00 on 9 February. How might sustainable packaging assist to the reduction of food waste? He will be accompanied by Ronald Helmel, Business Development Manager of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection.