Renowned Spanish Chef Dabiz Munoz to Bring Culinary Eccentricity to Dubai with StreetXO at One Za'abeel

  • Dec. 6, 2023
Renowned Spanish Chef Dabiz Munoz to Bring Culinary Eccentricity to Dubai with StreetXO at One Za'abeel

Dabiz Munoz, the acclaimed and creatively eccentric Spanish chef, renowned for clinching top honors at the Best Chefs Awards ceremony for three consecutive years, is set to make his mark in Dubai. The culinary maverick, known for his avant-garde approach to gastronomy, is introducing a street food spin on his famed Madrid restaurant, DiverXO, at One Za'abeel.

Munoz's dishes have been described as "madness on a canvas," earning him accolades and a third Michelin star for DiverXO in 2014. The forthcoming StreetXO in Dubai will be one of the 11 restaurants at The Link, a new culinary destination within One Za'abeel, underlining Munoz's commitment to ongoing international expansion.

Known for his dynamic and ever-evolving culinary creations, Munoz is not one to be confined by convention. Some signature dishes from DiverXO include sheep yogurt with wild strawberries and coffee, cold poached chion chopped stick with roasted caviar, marine plankton, and chicken yolk, as well as an unconventional iced pizza margherita featuring Spanish goat mozzarella, Thai basil, spicy tomato consommé, matured vinegar, and charcoal-roasted dough with shiso lime pesto.

StreetXO, a more casual and accessible version of DiverXO, has been a culinary pilgrimage for food enthusiasts, ranking at No. 3 on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Munoz plans to maintain the DNA of the restaurant in Dubai, blending fine dining with street food. While 50% of the menu will mirror its Madrid counterpart, the Dubai outpost will feature exclusive dishes and ingredient modifications.

The move to Dubai aligns with Munoz's perception of the city's growth in culture and gastronomy. Drawing parallels between Dubai and other global culinary hubs, he recognizes the city's potential and likens it to his experience in London. Despite acknowledging the competitive culinary landscape in Dubai, Munoz expresses his determination to create a successful restaurant, recognizing the city's evolution into a dynamic and diverse culinary destination. StreetXO Dubai is poised to offer residents and visitors a unique and unprecedented gastronomic experience, blending Munoz's creativity with the vibrant culinary scene in the emirate.