Production of natural food ingredients announced by Symrise

  • July 21, 2022
Production of natural food ingredients announced by Symrise

Symrise is showcasing the variety of diana food blueberry active ingredients it offers. It has a variety of qualities and performance advantages, just like other products made with natural substances do. They consist of competitiveness, a range of organoleptic qualities, high quality requirements particular to the application (such as for infant food), distinctive certification (like organic), and the ability to make health claims.

Due to its decadent qualities and wholesome reputation, blueberries are popular among consumers throughout. Fruity, sweet, and acidic flavours all combine to make these berries a delectable treat. Due to their antioxidant and phenolic component concentration, they can also aid in sustaining health.

Symrise makes use of its global network of facilities for sourcing, processing, and selecting to consistently satisfy the needs of its customers. When it comes to blueberries, the firm ethically gets three different species from three separate geographic areas and processes the fresh fruits in areas near to the sources of their growth.

In Chile, Canada, and France, Symrise processes products including blueberries. Utilizing various technologies, such as concentration to produce juice concentrate, spray drying and roller drying to produce different product formats (powders, flakes, and crunchies), and extraction to concentrate the active ingredients, the production keeps the fruit’s natural beneficial properties intact.

Three varieties of blueberries with various characteristics

1. The bilberry plant, Vaccinium myrtillus, is found in Eastern and Northern Europe. It is primarily used in applications for sweet products and has gained popularity for its distinctive blueberry flavour. Due to the anthocyanins found in bilberries, several products for eye health contain bilberries.

2. One of North America’s oldest natural berries is the wild blueberry, or Vaccinium angustifolium (lowbush). It thrives in the worst climatic circumstances and produces fruit with twice as much antioxidant potential and three times as much phenolic components as blueberries (highbush). Lowbush wild blueberries are unique since they provide a variety of health advantages. Findings from several clinical research suggest that wild blueberries may be beneficial for executive functions, mood, learning performance, and delayed memory. Symrise offers a variety of wild blueberry (lowbush) extracts that are high in polyphenols and deliver these health advantages in practical formats for dietary supplement applications.

3. The blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum is grown in Latin America. The fruit may be recognised thanks to its rich dark purple colour, which is very useful in culinary applications. They have a sweet flavour and little acidity.

The most economically advantageous option among the three kinds as a crop is provided by this species.

Manufacturers may utilise the products from the three blueberry species in a variety of goods, such as RTD beverages and smoothies, morning cereals, bars, dessert toppings, infant and toddler snacks, sports nutrition items, and nutritional supplements. Symrise provides solutions ranging from powders through flakes to crunchies, and it has more than twenty different product references.

According to Symrise Food & Beverage’s Naturals Business Unit’s Global Health Business Leader Nathalie Richer “We are satisfying customer demands for wholesome and nutritious food ingredients by providing a comprehensive, wide, and highly functional blueberry array. Our broad selection of blueberry solutions are available for customers to employ in their applications. For instance, our products may be used in dietary supplement applications like tablets, gummies, capsules, and powders that promote advantages including antioxidant qualities, cognitive function, and dental health.

In order to help clients successfully fulfil both current and future consumer expectations, Symrise is expanding its Taste, Nutrition & Health expertise with new blueberry line.