Plans to transform Dubai coastline has been revealed

  • May 10, 2023
Plans to transform Dubai coastline has been revealed

Plans have been revealed to turn Dubai's coastline into an ecotourism resort. Dubai Reefs is a proposal developed by sustainable city planners URB. If it proceeds, the water off the coast of Jumeirah, Dubai, will transform into a floating living experiment for marine rehabilitation and ecotourism. It would be the biggest thing in the world if it succeeds.

For marine research, regeneration, and ecotourism, Dubai Reef would be a sustainable floating community that would also seek to safeguard Dubai's marine and coastal environment.

According to the designs, the project would comprise the largest diversified artificial reef in the world, measuring 200 square kilometers and potentially supporting 100 million mangrove plants and more than one billion corals. The project designs also include living, dining, and shopping areas, as well as ocean farming, wave farms, and floating eco-lodges.