OperaPrima Is a Globally Distributed Italian Automated Pizza Shaper.

  • Aug. 5, 2022
OperaPrima Is a Globally Distributed Italian Automated Pizza Shaper.

OperaPrima’s growth continues in the best conceivable way: after an initial period of research and development and a little over a year after its introduction, the automated pizza stretcher has gained the respect of entrepreneurs in the on-trade in several countries across the globe.

Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, England, Israel, the United States, and Australia are among the 14 countries in which OperaPrima is present, in addition to Italy.

OperaPrima, which is now in production at Ecor International’s facilities in Schio, demonstrates the company’s innovative prowess. As a partner of major food sector enterprises, Ecor International develops and produces crucial components of food processing and packaging plants.

“This commercial success validates Ecor International’s foresight in inventing a machine targeted to the foodservice industry, whose challenges have increased during the pandemic and post-pandemic eras,” the company’s CEO, Giovanna Lucietto, explains. “Ecor International is able to design a machine as complex as OperaPrima because of its development, engineering, and manufacturing skills, as well as its almost 50 years of expertise in the food sector.”

OperaPrima was created with a specific goal in mind: to mimic the hands of an expert pizzaiolo so that even a novice may use it. Due to its revolutionary cold-working process, the dough is opened without sacrificing its organoleptic qualities.

OperaPrima takes around 20 seconds to open (about 200 pizzas per hour) after adjusting the opening diameter and edge size and spreading the dough on the light disc, producing an artisanal pizza with a well-defined edge. While OperaPrima is in operation, the pizzaiolo may engage in other tasks, such as seasoning the pizzas, monitoring the cooking, organising the components, and making fresh doughs.

This is how OperaPrima increases the efficiency of the pizzeria’s operations.

Easy to use

“Is it user-friendly?” This is one of the most often asked questions during the various demonstrations done in the pizza-specific part of Ecor International’s facilities.

The explanation is that OperaPrima was created to be user-friendly. Indeed, it takes very little to acquire confidence, particularly for an inexperienced pizzaiolo.

It may some experience to set up, but the display is highly straightforward and simple to operate, allowing you to utilise the computer while accomplishing other chores.

In a word, the OperaPrima is a pizza shaper built for everyone that is fast to work with and simple to use, which is also why it is an intelligent answer to the labour problem.

Dedicated doughs

Now, with OperaPrima, it is also feasible to purchase frozen doughs in order to save time and raw materials without affecting pizza quality or aroma.

These doughs are particularly formulated to enable all pizza makers to create the three types of traditional Italian pizza: classic, Neapolitan, and Roman.

Classic, wholemeal, organic, and kamut rolls are offered at OperaPrima to fulfil the demands of every fan of the traditional Italian cuisine.

The doughs are hibernated to avoid disrupting fermentation, which is only interrupted to prevent the yeast in the dough from dying when the storage temperature (-20°C) is achieved. Instead, the yeast enters a dormant state and resumes leavening vigorously when the balls reach the desired temperature.

Individual packaging does not impact the freshness of the dough, so the pizza dough keeps its distinctive flavour profile and reacts to automated handling in the same manner as fresh dough.

Unique in the world

OperaPrima has a clean, small, and contemporary design that fits well into the venue’s space: it can be put on the counter or on a handy stainless steel cart for convenient mobility.

In addition, owing to the selection of materials, it is simply washing, providing easy upkeep and optimal cleanliness.

OperaPrima is unique in the world because of its use, flexibility, versatility, and practicality. True innovation in the pizza industry.