New Summer Menu at Kava & Chai is Holiday-Inspired

  • Aug. 13, 2022
New Summer Menu at Kava & Chai is Holiday-Inspired

The summer season is in full swing, and Kava & Chai, a coffee and tea shop based in the United Arab Emirates, has introduced a new menu overflowing with summer flavours and moods. The menu gives a refreshing variation to the conventional menu of speciality coffee and premium tea by introducing cold versions of hot beverages to combat the summer heat. Kava & Chai, renowned for its best-selling hot beverages, transformed its original Kava & Chai latte, Hibiscus hot tea, sugar-free Kava, and chocolate into refreshing frappes and iced teas in response to client demand.

The new summer menu includes an assortment of delicious sweets, as well as the characteristic specialty coffee and premium teas of Kava & Chai. New dessert options include strawberry, lemon, and chocolate cheesecakes offered in a jar, as well as coffee and date cakes and freshly made biscuits intended to fulfil sweet cravings. To start off the summer in style, Kava & Chai is offering any beverage and dessert for AED 40 as part of a special summer promotion.

Mike Butler, chief executive officer of Kava & Chai, said, “Our new menu has a variety of summer-inspired cocktails and light nibbles crafted with seasonal ingredients.” By remaining loyal to our speciality coffee and tea heritage, we are integrating intriguing new flavours to appeal to our customers’ taste buds, reinventing the experience and making it more accessible.

Kava & Chai Frappe

Try the distinctive combination of the best Arabian coffee and tea combined with ice, Kava & Chai.

Sugar-free Caramel & Kava Frappe

The sugar-free chocolate and caramel frappes enable the health-conscious to experience their favourite coffee-based decadent frappes without the sugar guilt. The espresso shot, milk, and toffee nut powder ice combined and topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle will energise your day.

Hibiscus & Fruit Iced Tea

For the ultimate summer refreshment, Kava & Chai has meticulously prepared a hibiscus tea with a healthy kick. This popular beverage is best served over ice since it contains honey and antioxidant-rich berries.

Milkshake Moments

Strawberry, pistachio, or passionfruit flavours are exquisitely mixed with vanilla and ice in luxuriously chilled and creamy Kava & Chai milkshakes. The new assortment of unusual cream-based flavours includes Halawa Oreo, passionfruit, and mango, as well as summer-exclusive exotic flavours.

Vegan-friendly Selections

The freshly reintroduced Green Veggie mix has quality ingredients to feed the body, mind, and spirit of health-conscious and ecologically conscientious individuals. The Farmers Greens Juice’s combination of fresh kale, juicy apples, spinach, cool cucumbers, and ripe pears blended over ice provides a healthy punch. It is vegan-friendly and the ideal beverage for those seeking a nutritious and satisfying morning beverage.

Kava & Chai Cheesecakes

The freshly introduced cheesecakes are presented in a unique jar and come in delectable flavours such as strawberry, lemon, and luscious chocolate.

Kava and date cake

The date cake, a novel take on the classic coffee cake, is the ideal partner to a Kava & Chai speciality hot beverage.

Freshly baked cookies

Cookies, a definite customer favourite, are returning! Vegan chocolate chip, milk chocolate and macadamia, and pistachio and cranberry are among the new flavours. The spicy summer menu and AED 40 summer promotion are available at all Kava & Chai locations in Mall of the Emirates, University of Sharjah, and Medcare Hospital in Sharjah, or may be ordered online through Talabat, Zomato, and Deliveroo.