New Study About Chicken Nuggets by SuperGround

  • Dec. 7, 2022
New Study About Chicken Nuggets by SuperGround

The Finnish food tech startup SuperGround conducted a study to investigate how consumers perceive the flavor of ground chicken bone mass in common dishes such as chicken nuggets and meatballs, as well as their general attitude toward the ingredient. A business called Aistila, which specializes in the production and research of sensory experiences, was the one to carry out the study. Aistila is a company that was founded on the research and expertise of the University of Turku. In the course of the research, over one hundred individuals sampled chicken nuggets and meatballs that included processed bone mass. In order to obtain findings that were similar, the customers were also given the opportunity to sample traditional chicken nuggets, as well as beef and pig meatballs that did not include any pulverized chicken bone mass.

Nuggets that still have some bone mass are favored over those that don't.

When it comes to chicken nuggets, three distinct alternatives were sampled, each of which included either 15%, 5%, or no bone mass at all. In general, nuggets that included ground chicken bone mass were selected as the winner by 74% of the participants. The nuggets that had 15% SuperGround bone mass were liked in terms of flavor, texture, and overall quality. Forty percent of the participants selected these nuggets as their favourite choice. Customers were more likely to characterize them as having a meaty flavour and as being good, salty, soft, and juicy in comparison to nuggets that did not include any bone mass. Consumers also said that the bone mass made the texture of the nuggets more pliable and less dry.

The presence of bone mass in nuggets was shown to significantly contribute to an increase in the general pleasure of nuggets. For instance, consumers showed a preference for nuggets that included 15% bone mass as opposed to nuggets that contained 0% bone mass by over 53%.

The sensation that poultry-based dishes are more salty is brought about by the presence of bone mass.

When it comes to meatballs, three distinct choices were sampled: one with 10% bone mass, one with 5% bone mass, and one with no bone mass at all. The bone mass had an effect on the texture, producing meatballs that were both softer and juicer. Sixty-eight percent of people who tried the chicken meatballs with bone mass said that they were their favorite overall, and forty percent of people said that the meatballs that had ten percent ground chicken bone mass were the greatest ones in terms of smell, texture, and taste.

"The preference of chicken nuggets or meatballs in terms of their aroma, look, or texture is unaffected by the amount of bone mass in the flesh. However, the findings of the research showed that an overwhelming majority of customers believe that both the flavor and general quality of the items sampled were greatly enhanced as a consequence of the addition of bone mass. According to Santtu Vekkeli, co-founder of SuperGround, increasing bone density has the potential to heighten the taste of salty without the addition of more salt. This is in addition to better nutritional advantages brought on by an increase in vitamin, calcium, and collagen content.

He continues by saying, "Due to the consumer interest and better flavor, integrating bone mass in meat products provides tremendous advantages for food production firms to be at the forefront of innovation and customer pulse – while simultaneously enhancing food production efficiency and sustainability." It is only natural for some individuals to have skepticism about the presence of bone mass in the food they consume, despite the fact that the bone mass is totally concealed and tastes the same as before or even better. It is heartening to see that improved nutritional value and a more efficient use of raw materials derived from animals are among the factors that are considered important.

Increased efficiency in the utilization of primary resources stimulates customer interest.

When it comes to accepting items that include bone meal from chickens that have been softened, customers are rather split. According to the findings of the survey, one third of the participants would purchase them, one third may purchase them, and one third are not likely to purchase them. The male participants' attitudes toward meat items that included softened ground chicken bones were more favorable than the female participants' attitudes in this regard. In addition, students had a more optimistic attitude than workers at the worker level.

Additionally, the participants in the study were questioned about the influence that a variety of circumstances might have on their desire to purchase meat items that included chicken bones that had been softened. Sixty-nine percent of the interviewees cited a more efficient utilization of raw materials derived from animals as the primary motivation for their choice. This was followed by improved nutritional value as a result of higher calcium and collagen content (63%), as well as improved sustainability as a result of reduced negative effect on the environment (58%).