Nektium Introduces Organic Elderberry Extract

  • Aug. 30, 2022
Nektium Introduces Organic Elderberry Extract

Nektium introduces organic elderberry extract in response to the persistent demand for substances that support the immune system:
As consumer demand for organic components with antiviral qualities rises, Nektium is introducing an organic version of its elderberry extract. According to the botanicals expert, the substance will also be available in a stronger concentration.

Since the pandemic outbreak, demand for elderberry has increased as people seek out more natural substances with immune-boosting properties. High levels of phenolic compounds like anthocyanins, which have been demonstrated to lower oxidative stress and alleviate flu-like symptoms, are among the active elements found in elderberries.
Nektium is currently introducing a new grade of its elderberry line, comprising 10% anthocyanins, to suit the demand for more concentrated extracts.