Manufacturer Of Meat Products Gained New Prospects

  • July 11, 2022
Manufacturer Of Meat Products Gained New Prospects

Using existing equipment better

New product categories that can be produced using current gear also provide enticing potential. When we demonstrate meat producers that they can also generate cheese or fish alternatives with their same machinery, Florian Bark explains, “We observe again and again how startled they are.” The quality of the plant-based products, whether it be the salmon substitute’s finely layered structure or the flavour and texture of the plant-based parmesan and feta, also astounded fair attendees in addition to the new production possibilities. “The breadth of our new product concepts was quite impressive to fair visitors,” adds Bark. The same is true of meat substitutes. For instance, the plant-based beef tartare substitute that Planteneers debuted at the IFFA earned rave reviews.

The Plantbaser: A new era in product development

“Plant-based was unquestionably the most popular subject at this year’s IFFA. We discussed plant-based alternatives with visitors in around 80% of our interactions. This year, new meat and sausage products came in second, according to Dr. Dorotea Pein, Planteneers’ Director of Product Management. The interest in the Plantbaser was indicative of this. This new product configurator was launched by Planteneers in May to a sizeable industry gathering. Visitors to the exhibition could put together a product exactly how they wanted it using a touchscreen. The quick increase in registrations demonstrates the keen interest that firms have in this simple method of creating new plant-based items. Consumers were really happy, in part because we keep adding to the Plantbaser, according to Dr. Pein. “In addition to new products, we’re also introducing new features, like the shopping cart. Additionally, a mobile version that will enable clients to customise their product ideas on a smartphone or tablet is in the works.

The Plantbaser facilitates mid-size businesses’ entry into the plant-based market as an adjunct to internal R&D departments. The creation of digital products helps users save a tonne of time. They can streamline coordination procedures and speed up the launch of new items. The process of innovation development is also substantially streamlined. Customer can create together the plant-based product they desire in a variety of categories within 15 to 20 minutes, whether it be cheese and yoghurt substitutes, burger patties, cold cuts, or plant-based mayonnaise. As customers from over 100 different nations can attest, this enables 24-hour, global product creation. Visit to see for yourself.

Four new product lines have been added since the year began. These also include processed cheese products in spreadable or triangle forms, in addition to vegan feta substitutes. Their main benefit is that they don’t include any of the phosphates that are typically employed as liquefying salts. Another category includes nuggets. Users of Plantbaser can clearly see the fibrous structure of the nuggets as well as the breadings that can be chosen in the site’s granular photographs and videos. Products made of salami will shortly be introduced as a new category. In order to provide medium-sized producers with even better support, Planteneers intends to have all of its product offerings in the Plantbaser by the end of the year.