Made for Drink Collaborates With Laurent-Perrier To Create Champagne Snack

  • May 18, 2022
Made for Drink Collaborates With Laurent-Perrier To Create Champagne Snack

Bar snack brand Made for Drink has teamed with Laurent Perrier to launch a new line designed to be eaten alongside Champagne.Called Chip Shop Scraps & Fries, the product is made with scraps of crisp batter mixed with thin-cut potato fries and crunchy peas, seasoned with malt vinegar and sea salt.

Dan Featherstone, the founder of Made for Drink, commented: “We’ve long wanted to showcase the timeless ‘whispered truth’ that a bag of fish & chips and a glass of Champagne remains one of the most highly prized food & drink marriages of all time. The opportunity to launch this playful take on a timeless classic with our good friends at Laurent-Perrier has been incredible. The final product is totally delicious, fun and will have real standout in store.”

Champagne house Laurent Perrier previously worked with Made for Drink in 2019 when they created a Sashimi Togarashi seasoned Lotus Root Crisp that paired with the brand’s Cuvee Rose. Juliet Elliot, Marketing Controller Laurent-Perrier, said: “Made for Drink are the perfect partner because they share are values of genuine quality, family & sustainability.”

The collaboration between Made for Drink and Laurent Perrier will launch as a limited edition grocery exclusive in 425 Sainsbury’s stores from 8 June (RRP £1.75 – 40g bag). The new snack will also be available from select on-trade and independent outlets, and via the company’s online store.