Leveraging Digestive Wellness: Valio's Lactose-Free Dairy Solutions for Global Markets

  • Dec. 30, 2023
Leveraging Digestive Wellness: Valio's Lactose-Free Dairy Solutions for Global Markets

As the global trend towards digestive wellness gains momentum, Finnish dairy leader Valio emerges as the forefront expert in lactose-free dairy. With an estimated 70% of the world's population experiencing lactose maldigestion, Valio aims to democratize nutritious dairy without compromising on taste or well-being.

In Nordic regions, lactose-free has seamlessly integrated into mainstream preferences, extending benefits beyond lactose intolerance. Valio invites partners worldwide to explore this untapped market, starting with lactose-free milk powders.

Expanding your dairy portfolio has never been easier with Valio's OEM service. By collaborating with Valio, partners gain access to premium-quality lactose-free milk powders with customized labeling, streamlining entry into the market. This approach allows for swift product launches, catering to the growing consumer demand for gut-friendly options.

Shifting from traditional price competition to value addition, the lactose-free segment offers a lucrative opportunity for dairy companies. Consumers increasingly seek products promoting digestive wellness, positioning lactose-free as a premium choice. On average, lactose-free milk commands a 44% price premium, enhancing both consumer well-being and commercial profitability.

In a world where lactose-free signifies the future of dairy, Valio empowers businesses to embrace this trend, making the benefits of milk universally accessible. Seize the opportunity now and build a comprehensive lactose-free portfolio with Valio, your dedicated OEM partner committed to delivering premium products, certified food safety, flexible packaging, and reliable services. Explore the whitepaper to unlock insights on navigating the digestive wellness trend effectively.