Launch of New Product Brand by Aleph Farms

  • April 28, 2023
Launch of New Product Brand by Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms, a food technology firm developing innovative methods to raise high-quality animal products, has announced the introduction of Aleph Cuts, its first product brand. The world's first cultivated steak, the Petit Steak, is expected to debut in Singapore and Israel later this year, subject to regulatory permissions. The business will offer it under the Aleph Cuts brand. This branding campaign, which was created in collaboration with the brand and experience design studio BOND, sets Aleph Farms' goods apart and creates momentum before their commercialization and subsequent interaction with clients and end users.

According to Nicky Quinn, vice president of marketing at Aleph Farms, "With the debut of Aleph Cuts, we are offering our product via an epicurean perspective to connect consumers to our great "new take on steak" and share what this decision means in an engaging and honest manner. "Iconic brands aren't created by a single individual or group of people overnight. To best meet their changing demands, we look forward to co-creating our brand with customers throughout time.

A unified system that supports the scope of Aleph Farms' expanding product offering includes the visual identities for Aleph Farms and Aleph Cuts. Although the wordmark, icon, and color scheme connect the two brands, Aleph Farms and Aleph Cuts appeal to different aspects of the Aleph ethos. Aleph Farms is more rational and emphasizes technology and innovation, while Aleph Cuts is more sentimental and emphasizes product education and celebrating culture through food. They both use a new icon that was modeled by the business's former ox head logo. This icon is mirrored in the Aleph letter A but is reversed, producing a mirror effect that forces the observer to perceive familiar objects in a fresh manner.

"We set out to develop a brand that captures the creative spirit of the Aleph Farms team. a framework that encouraged everyone to adopt this new perspective on what and how we eat. The project was overseen by Lindsay Gravette, Creative Director and Partner at BOND. "We took inspiration from something universal, the food we eat every day, and the visionary Aleph Farms' processes and passion," she said. The end product is a pair of brands that "express the exceptional and practical, introducing the world to cultivated meat and cellular agriculture."

As it gets ready for the commercial release of its first product under the Aleph Cuts brand, the Petit Steak developed from unaltered cells of a premium Angus cow, Aleph Farms is closely collaborating with regulatory bodies all over the globe. Aleph Farms can produce hundreds of tons of cultured beef from a single fertilized egg, contributing to a fair and inclusive transition to secure and sustainable food systems. As with all of its products, there is no killing involved in the manufacturing process. The firm also has a "Whole Animal" strategy, wherein it intends to use more unique skills to make other steak cuts as well as other items made from animal cells, including grown collagen.