Kopa Introduces A Brand New Independent Fireplace Cooking Station

  • Aug. 3, 2022
Kopa Introduces A Brand New Independent Fireplace Cooking Station

The experts in charcoal ovens at KOPA Grilling Solutions have introduced the KOPA FirePlace, a self-contained modular cooking platform that allows end users and foodservice consultants to create custom cooking stations that can be modified on a regular basis to fit various cooking techniques.

By combining a variety of cooking appliances—from flat grills to rotisseries, pizza ovens to smokers—KOPA FirePlace clients can design the ideal cooking station. Customers may even add or remove appliances as required to accommodate changing menus.

The whole range of KOPA products are available for customers to select from, including the well-known Parilla grills in the Argentinean style and the multi-level, multi-zone Robata charcoal grills. Charcoal and wood, among others, may be used at each station, along with a variety of auxiliary appliances including drawer freezers and refrigerators.

KOPA FirePlace cooking stations may be constructed in a variety of sizes and forms based on the needs of the client, as debuted at Horeca in 2020 and now officially available. It allows users and foodservice experts to build new rooms or remodel an existing kitchen.

Additionally, the back and side walls of the platform are constructed with fire bricks, so that no costly construction or installation work is necessary to assure worldwide fire safety compliance. Miran Stirn, managing director of KOPA Grilling Solutions, emphasises the need of adaptability: “Our objective is to offer unforgettable eating experiences, as well as culinary experiences for people who utilise our equipment.

“Chefs can quickly and easily set up the cooking station thanks to its modular design to accommodate various menus on different days and react to emerging trends. And although we have standard sizes and utilise standard materials, mostly stainless steel, to assure the quality of our products, our primary advantage is that everything we produce is customizable.” The idea that a consultant should be able to see a kitchen and that our equipment should be made to fit that space rather than the other way around is crucial.”