Koehler Paper announces “Koehler NexPure Wrap” at FachPack in Nuremberg

  • Sept. 27, 2022
Koehler Paper announces “Koehler NexPure Wrap” at FachPack in Nuremberg

Koehler Paper, a division of the Koehler Group, is expanding its line of flexible pack-aging papers with the introduction of Koehler NexPure Wrap. The burger and wrap package paper is designed specifically for fast-food system catering. In the fast-food industry, consumer demand for sustainable goods and packaging has been clear for some time, which is why system catering is increasingly seeking solutions in this area. Koehler Paper will debut Koehler NexPure Wrap, a sustainable, lightweight packaging paper for fast-food goods, at the FachPack trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from September 27 to September 29.

Burger and fast-food packaging with a superior barrier performance use natural ingredients.

With its new production line 8, Koehler Paper spent 300 million euros in flexible packaging paper in 2019. Since then, the world’s biggest MG paper machine has produced flexible packaging paper with a variety of barrier coatings that serve a variety of purposes. These include barriers against smells, grease, mineral oils, as well as gases. Koehler papers are particularly suited for use as packaging because they offer protection for both the contents and the environment, as well as superior processing qualities.

Koehler Paper, a leading manufacturer of paper with a disruptive barrier function for packaging solutions, is now targeting the fast-food sector with its most recent innovation, Koehler NexPure® Wrap. The novel paper, created for burger and wrap packaging, has a grammage of 29.5, and its barrier function is achieved via the use of natural raw ingredients. Christoph Wachter, director of the Flexible Packaging Paper Division at Koehler Paper, explains, “With this new innovation, we’ve created sustainable fast-food packaging that is completely devoid of fluorinated chemical coatings while maintaining the same qualities.” The product’s main fiber is derived only from certified sustainable forestry and regulated sources. Mr. Wachter continues, “Koehler NexPure® Wrap is the ideal supplement to our ‘Seal & Wrap’ campaign and, with its great grease barrier and adaptable water vapor barrier, it is a terrific alternative to solutions that are not totally recyclable, which are still widely used in fast-food system catering.” Koehler NexPure® Wrap is used largely for packaging burgers, sandwiches, and wraps.

Fully recyclable paper for burgers and wraps exemplifies the system catering industry’s consumer-focused commitment to sustainability.

The primary benefit of Koehler NexPlus® barrier paper is that it is made from renewable raw resources. They can be completely reintroduced into the recycling cycle, which is conceivable for paper in many nations across the globe, and they are also well received by consumers. Focusing on the reuse of high-quality paper fibers after a product has been consumed is totally consistent with the notion of a circular economy.

Koehler NexPure Wrap is another product in Koehler’s selection of flexible packaging papers, which include low grammages in addition to superior processing and printing qualities. As part of its “Seal & Wrap” promotion, the business intends to produce other goods with supplemental barrier characteristics in the coming months.