• Feb. 5, 2022

Caffè Vergnano is one of Italy’s oldest coffee roasters, a family business founded 140 years ago. Since 1882, Caffè Vergnano has sourced the finest green coffee beans from all over the world to produce high-quality coffee following a traditional slow-roasting method. The brand was born in 1882 when founder Domenico Vergnano opened his first shop near Turin in Piedmont. A fascinating story that has carried on the coffee tradition, generation after generation, exporting the culture of authentic Italian espresso all over the world. Today Caffè Vergnano is still run by the same family and remains one of Italy’s favorites.

The success is attributed to the constant search for qualitative perfection, which true coffee connoisseurs have appreciated and recognized at Caffè Vergnano for over a century. A mission that is pursued with passion, enthusiasm and an innovative spirit by the fourth generation of the family.

Caffè Vergnano prides itself on their unique, artisanal, slow-roasting method, roasting each origin separately before blending them, which gives the beans a more evenly balanced roast. From espresso to latte, their signature slow-roasted coffee brings out the delicate flavor and aromas of the beans to create a well-rounded cup.

In a very important year during which Caffè Vergnano is celebrating 140 years of history,  the brand  expands into the Middle East by teaming up with key local partners to distribute their coffee. With a first partnership featuring Caffè Vergnano in luxury hotel chain Jumeirah Group, home to world-class hotels such as the Burj Al Arab, today Caffè Vergnano announces their partnership with YKONE House – the Middle East’s first-ever creative hub based in Dubai Design District.

A unique collaboration, Caffè Vergnano x YKONE House came to life as the new multifunctional space was expected to open its doors at the beginning of 2022. The internationally renowned creative marketing and influencer agency had plans to open a unique, multifunctional environment that combined a creative production studio, co-working space, and a mixed-retail and café space. YKONE House set out to redefine the standard for working from the office by creating an inviting space that inspired creativity for all those who visited it. At the heart of the new hub was the cafe – a sort of “home away from home” that would provide visitors and influencers with a comforting cup of coffee to power their ideas. Enter Caffè Vergnano – the perfect partner to sponsor the reimagined office and provide a top-quality, Italian coffee experience in the heart of Dubai’s creative district.

Caffè Vergnano is, and has always been, on a mission to spread, promote and grow the culture of coffee around the world. For this reason, it creates immersive cafe spaces replicating a warm and familiar feel, meant to emulate the feeling of your own living room, because coffee is a true ritual, a moment of relaxation and intense daily pleasure for all who partake.

This is exactly the aura recreated in YKONE House, with the aroma of coffee spread throughout the space throughout the day. Be it over a photoshoot, a long brainstorming session, or a meeting – YKONE House’s partnership with Caffè Vergnano was imagined to fuel the city’s most creative minds.

With YKONE House occupying over 500sqm in Dubai Design District, Caffè Vergnano’s pop-up is set in a prime downtown location, surrounded by a spate of local and international brands. The pop-up cafe will be present until March 17th, so be sure to stop by to experience the Italian coffee ritual while you still can.