Ishida's Solution Aids in the Introduction of a New Snack

  • Jan. 31, 2023
Ishida's Solution Aids in the Introduction of a New Snack

The debut of a new healthy snack by snacking specialist Good Food Products, Poland's leading producer of rice and corn wafers, crackers, and popcorn snacks, was facilitated by an Ishida packing line solution consisting of a multihead weigher, bagmaker, and checkweigher.

Corn A'petit waffle snacks are made from corn kernels and baked without additional oil, preservatives, gluten, or salt, making them a healthy option for snack enthusiasts. Good Food Products sought a whole new manufacturing line that could accommodate the 45mm diameter of the snacks, as opposed to the 90mm diameter of conventional wafers.

Good Food's Engineering Department Manager, ukasz Wawrzyniak, said, "When selecting a line provider, we conducted extensive market research, and Ishida proved out to be the best option." "The quality of the equipment produced by the firm speaks for itself. We needed the finest answer for our new snack product, which we feel to be a market breakthrough."

Ishida's 14-head CCW-RVE multihead weigher is paired with their Inspira bagmaker in its integrated solution. Ishida's DACS-G checkweigher then performs a final weight check on the packaged snacks.

The CCW-RVE is ideal for lightweight items such as snacks.

Ishida's unique Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology allows for more control over the product's infeed to the weigh hoppers and the top of the weigher. Automatically varying the amplitude, timing, and frequency of the vibration guarantees a smooth and regular flow of product, maintains speed and efficiency, and reduces the risk of hopper overfill.

Due to its sophisticated combination calculating algorithms, the scale provides outstanding weighing precision. After the optimal combination has been determined, it is double-checked to verify that the discharge is as precise as possible before it is sent to the bagmaker.

The intermittent jaw motion mechanism of the Ishida Inspira bagmaker enables high-performance shaping and sealing. Automated film centring, auto-splice film management, automated air-fill technology, and other automatic changes assist assure production uniformity and reduce human error. Dedicated software- and servo-controlled sealing operations with precise jaw temperature and jaw pressure provide constant pack quality and greatly decrease downtime.

The DACS-G checkweigher is equipped with Ishida's Anti-Floor Vibration (AFV) technology to maximize weighing precision in situations prone to floor vibration. The Retail Reject Confirmation (RRC) software from Ishida verifies and certifies that any out-of-specification product or pack has been successfully removed from the line.

The Ishida installation is operational five days a week, twenty-four hours per day. Currently, it handles 60g packets of Corn A'petit at a rate of 40 bags per minute, which is well within its total maximum speed of 90 bags per minute for this application and enables Good Food Products to execute future capacity expansions without difficulty.

Integrating the packaging process with the previous baking and flavoring phases of manufacturing was crucial to the success of the project.

Wawrzyniak said that the installation happened without a hitch and that during testing everything functioned without a hitch.

Corn A'petit is presently available in several variants, and new flavors are always being developed. This necessitates that the Ishida weigher and bagmaker be able to efficiently manage transitions. All contact components of the CCW-RVE are effortlessly detachable without the need of tools for cleaning, while the Inspira's intuitive 380mm color touch screen HMI enables quick film and format changes.

Wawrzyniak noted, "The weekly number of changeovers depends on how many bags of a specific flavor are intended to be produced, with cleaning occurring after each changeover." "Cleaning and reassembly need around 30 minutes."

Overall, the installed Ishida line helps operators at Good Food to better regulate the weighing and packaging process, so helping to maintain production throughput and efficiency.

Wawrzyniak said, "After a year, I can say that the machines completely match our criteria." The solutions provided by Ishida enable us to accommodate even the most stringent product specifications.

Since its inception more than three decades ago, Good Food Products has prioritized quality and innovation. The firm now operates plants in Tarnowo Podgórne and Skórzewo and employs around 400 people. Good Food was the first company to produce rice and corn wafers and one of the first to provide healthier eating options. The firm intends to produce other variations of wafer mini-snacks with diverse raw material bases, such as vegetable and protein, with further funding.