Interpom 2022 will Showcase Fresh and Processed Potato Systems.

  • Nov. 26, 2022
Interpom 2022 will Showcase Fresh and Processed Potato Systems.

Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating businesses, is showing their Herbert OCULUS whole potato sorter and other high-performance solutions for fresh and processed potatoes and vegetables at Interpom in Kortrijk Expo, Belgium, from November 27-29, 2022. Key provides advanced optical sorters, specialized vibratory conveyors, and other process automation systems, as well as world-class customer service, to aid processors and packers in enhancing food safety, optimizing product quality, increasing yield, decreasing labor, and maximizing line efficiencies.

Antoine van Bree, President, Key Technology – EMEIA and Asia, stated, "At Key, we have a long history as a trusted partner to potato processors worldwide, applying our deep industry expertise to deliver innovative and reliable solutions that address the most pressing production challenges of the day." "Because harsh weather has a negative impact on the quality and quantity of produced crops, it is vital that processors deliver as much excellent food from farmers to customers as possible. We provide food processors with the tools they need to meet customer expectations for product quality, regardless of changes in incoming goods, while optimizing yields and minimizing operational costs. Our objective is to assist in the safe feeding of the planet while reducing food waste."


If requested, the Herbert OCULUS digital sorters for whole potatoes from Key recognize and eliminate potatoes with infections and flaws, as well as potatoes that do not meet the necessary length and breadth profile. To evaluate the size, shape, color, and surface roughness of each tuber, Herbert OCULUS carries the product through a set of rollers that offer color cameras with a 360-degree view of each potato. Compared to conventional cascade sorters, the Herbert OCULUS provides 20% additional surface examination to enhance sorting precision. The low drop points allow delicate handling, protecting product quality and reducing damage.


Key's innovative VERYX digital sorters remove faulty product and foreign material (FM) to assure product quality and nearly eliminate false rejections, making them ideal for wet and frozen potato products as well as a range of vegetables and other foods. When paired with Sort-to-Grade software, VERYX classifies every surface flaw, as well as strip length if relevant, and makes each accept/reject decision based on how it will affect the product grade to guarantee final product criteria are satisfied while yields are increased. The Key Discovery program from VERYX gathers, analyzes, and exchanges data to discover patterns and trends that enhance sorting and aid in the management of upstream and downstream operations.


Key's ADR automated defect removal system for potato strips is the first vision system on the market that removes flaws from french fries in order to transform 'poor' strips into 'good' strips, hence enhancing yield immediately.


Key's vibratory, horizontal-motion, and belt conveyors – including Iso-Flo, Impulse, Marathon, and ZephyrTM – transfer, feed, align, grade, dewater, scalp, distribute, and perform other tasks throughout potato processing and packing lines, from receiving whole potatoes to feeding packaging machines. Other mechanical devices and rotary size graders separate entire potatoes or potato products by length or diameter while eliminating chosen FM.