Indulging in the Barbie Craze: UAE's Palate Gets a Taste of Barbie-Themed Delights

  • Aug. 1, 2023
Indulging in the Barbie Craze: UAE's Palate Gets a Taste of Barbie-Themed Delights

Step into the whirlwind world of Barbie mania, where the frenzy of marketing has everyone joining the excitement. 'Barbiecore' has captured the globe's imagination, and this fervor has now landed on the shores of the UAE. As the movie's release approaches next month in the Emirates, let's explore the top 5 delectable pink treats that have taken the city by storm.

The Pink Dosa Delight: Yummy Dosa has unveiled a special pink dosa to pay homage to the movie and the enchanting universe of Barbie. This delightful creation, a heartfelt tribute to the joy, imagination, and aspirations that Barbie has ignited, is not only a treat for the taste buds but also a health-conscious choice. The vibrant pink hue is derived from the addition of beetroot, infusing the dosa with both enticing flavor and nourishing nutrients. Priced at Dh28, this culinary masterpiece is available at Yummy Dosa's three outlets situated in Karama, Sharjah, and Discovery Gardens.

A Symphony of Pink-themed Delights: The locally cherished Risen Cafe has launched a captivating menu brimming with pink-themed delights. As a tribute to the iconic movie, this offering presents an array of delectable indulgences, including the irresistible 'Barbieccino,' the tempting 'Ken Cake,' and the delightful 'Dream House Duo.' Accessible across all Risen Cafe outlets in Dubai, these enchanting treats are only available for a limited period and are specially designed for die-hard Barbie enthusiasts. The Barbieccino is priced at Dh26, while the Ken Cake can be savored for Dh36. For those who wish to experience both, an enticing option awaits at Dh55.

Barbie themed cupcakes and desserts: Yearning for dainty Barbie-inspired treats like cupcakes and macarons? Look no further than Nine7One Restaurant at Anantara Downtown Dubai, where a visually appealing pink-themed afternoon tea awaits devoted fans. Dubbed 'Barbie’s World,' this afternoon tea ensemble features an assortment of delights, including cupcakes, cookies, macarons, tarts, and mousse. Some treats even bear the likeness of Barbie's iconic visage, while others charmingly emulate Barbie handbags. Indulging in this experience comes at a price of Dh195 per person, inclusive of limitless tea and coffee. Opting for a two-hour flow of sparkling beverages elevates the afternoon tea experience to Dh295.

Savor the Pink Poached Egg Delight: Love Vibe Café, nestled within DIFC and Abu Dhabi, beckons with its pink-infused interiors, dishes, and ambiance—an ideal setting to revel in the Barbie phenomenon. The Issa Florentine Ting takes center stage, featuring English muffins, poached eggs, and a delectable medley of sautéed spinach and mushrooms, all tinged with a delightful shade of pink. Priced at Dh59, this dish is cherished for Love Vibe Café's secret sauce, a culinary treasure.

Cool Off with Barbie Ice Cream: Embrace the heat of summer with a delightful scoop of ice cream, infused with the allure of Barbie. At Ice Kream café in Umm Suqeim, an irresistible pink scoop awaits, nestled within a matching pink cone. A true sensation for Barbie enthusiasts seeking a refreshing treat, this special ice cream creation is available for a limited time.

In a world brimming with Barbie allure, UAE residents and visitors alike can now savor the magic of the iconic doll through these delectable culinary creations.