In Malaysia, Dilmah RTD bottled iced tea is introduced.

  • Aug. 4, 2022
In Malaysia, Dilmah RTD bottled iced tea is introduced.

In collaboration with Teabrary and the Berjaya Group, Beverage Partners International (BPI) is pleased to announce the introduction of Dilmah Iced Tea to the Malaysian market. Through a local distributor, Berjaya Food Trading, the handmade Dilmah Iced Tea drinks will be made accessible at upscale supermarkets and convenience shops across Malaysia throughout the course of the next year.

The Rilhena Tea Garden in the highlands of central Sri Lanka is home to the rich, fragrant hand-picked Ceylon tea leaves that are used in the new Dilmah Ready-To-Drink Iced Tea line. The end result is a product with a high concentration of natural plant antioxidants, a reduced sugar content, and the absence of preservatives.

The collection, which was introduced in collaboration with Beverage Partners International (BPI) and Teabrary International, is offered in four artisanal flavours with either a green or black tea base. “Consumers are seeking for Craft and healthier goods,” noted BPI CEO Moshy Cohen. The Dilmah brand, with its history of quality and authenticity, offers a significant point of difference in the iced tea market. Now that we have successfully entered the Singaporean and Malaysian markets, we are well positioned to expand into new global markets.”

Each bottle reflects Merrill J. Fernando’s seventy-two years of commitment to tea, who founded Dilmah. Dilmah is renowned for its garden-fresh, single-origin teas that are rich in flavour, taste, and natural goodness. These teas provide authenticity and a distinctive taste that is full of flavour, taste, and natural health. Dilmah has endeavoured from the very beginning to combine tradition and innovation in order to create a healthier, happier, and better world. Additionally, the corporation is devoted to going above and beyond commerce by seeing business as a matter of human service. This makes Dilmah the first tea in the world to be produced ethically.

The company has remarked how excited they are to share the new flavours to Malaysia. This is because, the country is widely popular for their appreciation of good tea.  According to Dilhan C. Fernando, CEO of Dilmah Tea, “We have been looking forward to presenting our Dilmah Ready-To-Drink drinks in Malaysia, and we expect strong consumer support knowing that Malaysians have a passion for tea.”

In order to honour my father’s dedication to the highest quality, ethically produced, and sustainably harvested teas, my family has spent years perfecting the mix. We are thrilled to share our enthusiasm for tea in this innovative format that not only gives refreshment, joy, and artisanal deliciousness in every sip, but also accentuates the inherent goodness of tea while displaying the finest ethically produced teas.

BPI is thrilled to introduce Dilmah Tea’s distinctive flavour, quality, and origin to the worldwide ready-to-drink tea market. Dilmah Iced Tea launched its foray into the Malaysian market with a spectacular ceremony in the nation’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.