Impossible Foods Makes UK Debut

  • May 19, 2022
Impossible Foods Makes UK Debut

California-based Impossible Foods, the fastest-growing plant-based meat alternative company in the US, is making its European debut this week with the launch of two of its latest products in the UK.

Impossible ‘Chicken’ Nuggets and Impossible Sausage Patties will begin rolling out today at restaurants across the country, including leading chicken shops and pubs

“The UK has a unique and unrivalled chicken shop culture that we’re confident our nuggets will compete in because first and foremost they taste better, and they’re also better for you and better for the planet,” said Peter McGuinness, CEO of Impossible Foods.

“And there’s more to come – later this year we’ll be expanding to supermarkets and rolling out additional products. We can’t wait for our friends and fans in the UK to finally taste our products.”

Impossible ‘Chicken’ Nuggets first launched in the US late last year. It became one of the company’s top-selling products and the fastest-growing brand of plant-based chicken nuggets in the category. Impossible Foods’ expansion to the UK marks the international debut of the Nuggets outside of the US.

The UK launch is the fourth new market the company has expanded to in nine months, following the launch of its flagship Impossible Burger in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates last autumn. The company said it plans to launch its full product portfolio in the UK, including products containing heme (soy leghemoglobin) – a key ingredient in the Impossible Burger and other Impossible products – at a later date.