IMA in 2023 at Gulfood Manufacturing

  • Nov. 11, 2023
IMA in 2023 at Gulfood Manufacturing

The newest in a long series of IMA Corazza solutions for the food industry is the new PDP24 press for stock cubes. Being the only provider to manufacture and deliver pressing and wrapping machines as a seamless integration for high-performance stock cube processing lines, IMA Corazza is not only a reliable source that has been in business since 1954 and a partner that can customise each solution to specific customer requirements. It is also widely recognised as a leader in dairy and convenience food packaging technologies. Let's look at the technology instead of focusing on the brand.

Six features to meet your requirements

There are six sides to every narrative, just like with any cube, and the PDP24 has enough of them, which is why it is the best option. With 24 punches, the PDP24 can process up to 3000 ppm. Double compression stages on the pre-compression and final compression stations ensure consistent quality and weight even with difficult recipes. Its space-efficient design minimises the footprint while ensuring high hygiene standards and separating the production area from the mechanical housing. With a more effective design, punches and dies may be quickly changed for fast format changes between 4 and 13 grammes as well as non-standard sizes. Maintenance operations and associated expenses are also significantly decreased. Processing capabilities are another area where flexibility is demonstrated by the PDP24's ability to consistently adjust to various powder types while guaranteeing that the customer's goals are met with efficiency.

One feature of IMA Corazza deserves special attention: it has an advantage that no other company in the sector has. The PDP24 press, from a business that designs and produces machinery specifically for stock cubes, works flawlessly with the I Series Side Fold wrappers, which were also created by IMA Corazza. Because there is only one manufacturer for the equipment, there are very few intervention times whenever a customer needs to alter the format, which increases production. The advantages of having a single source for performance, technologies, and flexibility are numerous.