HostMilano 2023 Consolidates as a Global Hub able to Anticipate Innovation in Hospitality

  • Oct. 23, 2023
HostMilano 2023 Consolidates as a Global Hub able to Anticipate Innovation in Hospitality
  • Over 180K professionals, more than 42% of them international from 166 countries; in addition to Europe, they came mostly from North and South America (1 in 10), the Gulf countries and Asia (1 in 5)

  • High quality was the main feature of the more than 700 highly profiled hosted buyers and spontaneous buyers, represented by corporate decision-makers with high spending power

  • An edition under the sign of preference for the experiential, as social media numbers also confirm: over 1.4M impressions for #HostMilano on Instagram

  • Here, companies are able to preview innovations that meet the demands of evolving markets: according to research by TradeLab, 51% of Italians are ready to return to out-of-home spending, and 66% give more importance to the experience than to food and drink alone

An experience on a par with the best editions, consolidatingHostMilano’s leadership as the global reference hub for innovation in professional hospitality, out-of-home and food retail. This was the most recurring comment among exhibitors and professionals during the closing day of the 43rd edition, which ended yesterday at fieramilano in Rho.

More than 180,000 professionals attended, with the share of international operators from 166 countries standing out at more than 42% of the total. In addition to European nations such as Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, relevant delegations were registered from North and South America (1 in 10 visitors), the Gulf countries and Asia (about 1 in 5 visitors).

Beyond figures, the most striking feat was the quality of the business meetings, thanks to high profiling not only among the more than 700 hosted buyers, who arrived in Milan also thanks to the cooperation of ITA-ICE Agency, but also among the spontaneous visitors, often represented by corporate decision-makers with high spending power.

Previewing new products that anticipate market trendsAnd if some people have traveled many thousands of miles to get to Milan, even from as far as the Fiji Islands, Swaziland (eSwatini) or Tanzania, there is a reason for it:HostMilanois the event where top players from all over the world preview their new technologies to the point that, as foreign buyers themselves say, you can find innovations not yet available in target markets even for companies already in the country.

Innovations set in contexts, and often in design-savvy ones, ‘tell the story’ of how products are responding to the desires of users: in fact, according to research presented at the event by TradeLab, 51% of Italians are ready to return to spending in the out-of-home sector (the second largest item after travel), and as many as two-thirds (66%) place more importance on an experience that triggers anticipation, expectation and curiosity - but at the same time is reassuring - than on food and drink alone.

A propensity for storytelling that has been reflected in the dynamism of the social media. On Instagram alone, #HostMilano exceeded 1.4 million impressions, with the countries that followed the event the most on social media being Italy, Brazil, the United States, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. The response in the mainstream media was also remarkable, with 1,342 journalists attending (279 of them international) and more than 5,000 quotes and articles.

The 44th edition of HostMilano will be held at fieramilano from 17 to 21October 2025.

For real-time information on the upcoming edition:, @HostMilano.