High-protein options for the Middle East and Africa are displayed by Arla Foods Ingredients.

  • Oct. 30, 2023
High-protein options for the Middle East and Africa are displayed by Arla Foods Ingredients.

In order to address the rising demand for high-protein goods in Africa and the Middle East, Arla Foods Ingredients is showcasing how its whey solutions can assist.

The Middle East and Africa saw an average yearly growth of 17.64% in the number of product launches with a high-protein or source of protein claim between 2017 and 2022. Meanwhile, 70% of global consumers are concerned with the sources of protein in foods and beverages, indicating growing interest in nutrient quality and origin.

Arla Foods Ingredients will present three ideas at Gulfood Manufacturing (7–9 November 2023 in Dubai) to show how the premium goods in its whey protein line can satisfy these demands:

  • An ice cream with a high protein content that uses products from the Nutrilac® Protein Boost line. With their low viscosity, perfect meltdown, and mildly creamy flavor, these microparticulated whey proteins are perfect for protein-rich ice cream.
  • A fermented protein beverage with a base of Lacprodan® 365 and Nutrilac® FO-8571 that is invigorating. These whey-only hydrolysates reduce sedimentation and cloudiness, which makes them perfect for use in the creation of transparent, high-protein fermented beverages.
  • A juice drink with added protein that is clear and contains the advantages of whey protein isolate thanks to Lacprodan® Clear. It has a high protein content, tastes great, has no dry mouthfeel, no added sugar, and can be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

"High-protein claims have increased in the Middle East and Africa in recent years as manufacturers respond to growing demand," stated Morten Kaas Hansen, Director of SBU Food at Arla Foods Ingredients. But, as in other parts of the world, quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to protein content. Customers seek full proteins that offer nutritional advantages, and they seek them in goods with excellent flavor and texture. These ideas show how appropriate whey protein ingredients can provide a variety of food and beverage applications with both functional and nutritional benefits.