Haldiram's Nagpur Launches Premium Chocolate Brand 'Cocobay' in the Indian Retail Market

  • Dec. 19, 2023
Haldiram's Nagpur Launches Premium Chocolate Brand 'Cocobay' in the Indian Retail Market

Haldiram's Nagpur has introduced its high-quality chocolate brand, 'Cocobay,' to the Indian market. Developed and promoted by the Haldirams Nagpur Group, Cocobay distinguishes itself as a premium chocolate collection crafted from the finest and entirely authentic cocoa, combined with the world's best ingredients. The diverse range includes Rochers, Rocks, Premium Bars, Cigars, Discs, Coins, Bricks, Squares, Hearts, and buttons, aiming to redefine the chocolate landscape in India.

Tailored to satisfy the refined palates of chocolate enthusiasts, particularly those with an Indian taste preference, Cocobay offers a unique fusion of delicate fruit flavors and subtle spice notes. Hazelnut, Caramel, Cranberry, Orange peel, Dark Almond, Green Tea, Chili Guava, and Crunchy Lemon are among the thoughtfully curated flavors that deliver a perfect burst of taste in every bite. This premium chocolate line represents an exquisite blend of fruity, smooth, and lingering tastes, serving as an authentic expression of emotions. Cocobay's product array mirrors Indian taste sensitivity by providing an exclusive and flavorful range of assorted premium chocolates, enhanced by an additional touch of fruity notes.

With prices starting from Rs 150, Cocobay chocolates will be available at all premium Haldiram’s stores in key cities such as Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Indore, Bhopal, and in the interiors of Maharashtra and Goa. This strategic move positions Haldiram's Nagpur at the forefront of the retail chocolate market, enticing chocolate connoisseurs with a tempting blend of quality and unique Indian flavors.

Avin Agarwal, Director of Haldirams Foods International Pvt Ltd, stated, “After conducting in-depth research on the premium chocolate market in India, we see huge potential in this category. Our product is well placed in the said category with the right price points and offering. Being in the F&B business for decades now, we understand the market nuances well and have optimized our reach in terms of markets, production facilities, and expertise in this category. We see this brand contributing significantly to the overall portfolio of the Haldiram’s Nagpur group. While the bars are targeted towards more day-to-day needs, the popular range of Cocobay is specifically created for hardcore chocolate lovers and makes a perfect gifting solution for both personal and corporate purposes. The Cocobay range will be initially available at all premium Haldirams stores and the Cocobay website as of now.”

Adeesh Jain, General Manager of Haldirams Foods International Pvt Ltd, expressed, “We are extremely delighted to enter the Indian Premium Chocolate market segment. We see immense growth opportunities for this segment in India, driven by upgraded lifestyles, improved spending power, and global exposure. Secondly, the Indian consumer is now well-traveled and well-educated, thanks to the internet penetration in India. We have designed, crafted, and created Cocobay for these Indian chocolate enthusiasts, with a beautiful amalgamation of fruity and spice flavors blended with 100 percent original cocoa. All the ingredients are sourced from the best places around the world, ensuring that quality and taste are not compromised.”